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    Dr. Kenya Numan and her organization “Stepping Together as well as Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation were recently honored in Miami, Florida and Port Au Prince, Haiti last month for the Relief Missions that they have sent to Haiti since the earthquake.
Abdul-Jalil and crew are currently up for an EMMY with “OUT. The Glenn Burke Story”, and have already won several honors for it and expect more.
Special “Thanks” to all that have supported our efforts over the years!FREE tickets to:
Goapele, Thurs., 11/17@10 pm, Sun., 11/20 @7 pm, Yoshi’s- Oakland, 510 Embarcadero W, Oakland Ca 94607;
David Grisman Quintet, Sat., 11/12 @10 pm, Yoshi’s- Oakland, 510 Embarcadero W, Oakland Ca 94607;
David Grisman / Frank Vignola
Duo, Sun, 11/13 @6 pm,  Yoshi’s- Oakland, 510 Embarcadero W, Oakland Ca 94607;
Amiri Baraka, Roscoe Mitchell
, Genny Lim and Ishmael Reed Band, Mon. 11/14, @8 pm, ,Yoshi’s- San Francisco,1330 Fillmore Street, San Francisco;
Tank, Fri. 11/18 @10 pm, Yoshi’s-
San Francisco,1330 Fillmore Street, San Francisco;
The Velveteen Rabbit, Choreographed and directed by KT Nelson, Sat., 11/26 @2 p.m., Novellus Theater at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street (at 3rd Street), San Francisco, CA
Fela!, Produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, 11/15 – 12/11 @8pm, Curran Theatre, 445 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Colors of Christmas, featuring Peabo Bryson, Jennifer Holliday, Lea Salonga, Ben Vereen with A.M.E. Oakland Mass Choir and San Francisco Symphony, December 13-15, 2011, 8:00 pm, Davies Symphony Hall, 201 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco , CA 94199

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Yoshi’s Oakland

510 Embarcadero W
Oakland Ca 94607

Oakland’s homegrown neo-soul / jazz singer-songwriter sensation

Goapele – Play


Singer/songwriter Goapele broke out of Bay Area at the beginning of the last decade determined to make a difference in the world of music. Seamlessly blending genres while refusing to be limited by the “neo-soul” tag, the eloquent singer/ songwriter completed her first release Closer in 2001 and never looked back. Embraced from the beginning by critics and fans alike, Goapele carved the perfect niche for herself as she created music that fused jazz, soul and hip-hop with her own beautiful poetry.
While the Oakland native and former Berklee College of Music student has continued to grow as artist and live performer in the eleven years since her debut, Goapele is also known as a savvy businesswoman.
Not content to be merely another singer lost in the machine, Goapele’s follow-up recordings Even Closer (2002) and Change It All (2005) were released through majors in conjunction with her family owned independent label Skyblaze. “I like being more hands on when it comes to my music,” Goapele says. “Establishing Skyblaze allowed me to have creative control and a strong understanding for the business behind the music.” While Rolling Stone magazine once called Goapele the “spiritual love child of Sade and D’Angelo,” her searing voice can be both sensuous and serious, often on the same song. After taking off six years from recording, Goapele has returned to the forefront of the music scene with Break of Dawn, a collection of sophisticated songs dealing with love, loss and all the life in between.“One of my goals for the newest project Break of Dawn was to be more uninhibited,” Goapele says. “I came into this business as a young woman who wanted to lay a foundation of musical integrity and now I’m more willing to share my sensuality as well. I realize that it’s possible to be both complex and provocative.”
As a perfect example of Goapele’s more sensuous side, her first single “Play” is like a hot bubble bath overflowing with synths and passion. “I was working with producers Electric Thunderbolt, Dan Electric and Teddy Thunderbolt, and they started a vibe with the synths and drums that struck a chord with me. I was immediately ready to get into the recording booth,” Goapele says. With sizzling rhythms that are subtle, sexy, but nonetheless funky, one feels as though Goapele is whispering lustful secrets in your ear.
“Milk & Honey,” produced by Bedrock, is another sleek, sexy song that helped set the tone for Break of Dawn. “Bedrock and I worked together on the last album, and when he started working on the music for ‘Milk & Honey,’ I naturally felt the direction I wanted to go in.”
Recorded mostly at Zoo Studios in Oakland, Break of Dawn digs deep while honestly revealing the many layers of experience that defines Goapele, from the birth of her daughter to the death of her father as well as a close friend.
“When I began thinking about the kind of project I wanted to make, I felt as though the world was open,” Goapele states. “My musical foundation was already in place, so I could experiment and try new things.”
As one of the earliest songs recorded for this project, the title track is the perfect anthem of perseverance in an ever-changing world that we have no control over. “I chose Break of Dawn as the title, because for me it represents being able to face challenges while still moving forward. After recording ‘Break of Dawn,’ I felt that through the good and bad things that have happened in my life, these were the experiences that led me to where I am today.”
Produced by multi-instrumentalist Malay, who has worked with John Legend and Big Boi, the self-empowering song has a vibe that matches the Goapele’s personality perfectly. “Both the album title and the song represents a new day and yet another opportunity to live the life we want to life,” Goapele explains. “This is what keeps me inspired and motivated.”
Collaborating with an array of creative folks including Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, Bobby Ozuma, Malay and Bedrock, this is also the first project Goapele has worked with other songwriters. “Writing lyrics has always been such a personal process for me, but for Break of Dawn, I decided to take some of the pressure off of myself,” she says, laughing.
Songwriter Carman Michelle teamed-up with Goapele and producer Krucial to help compose one of the album’s most heartfelt songs “Hush,” a beautiful lullaby written for her four-year-old daughter.
Another emotionally charged track is “Tears on my Pillow,” a hard-hitting soulful song that explores Goapele’s more bluesy side, dealing with the acceptance of love lost.
Growing-up in Oakland, her politically activist parents helped Goapele develop her musical taste by taking her to countless concerts. “Both of them loved music, so we’d go to shows,” Goapele says. Her father was a politically exiled South African who knew many of the musicians. “They were often friends of the family, so sometimes they would even let me go on stage to sing and dance with the backup singers.”
In addition to attending concerts as a girl, Goapele went to a performing arts elementary school. “My big influences were Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Prince and Bob Marley.” As a child, Goapele also attended a lot of rallies and leadership conferences with her mother.
“Music was always a part of the program and I would be called upon to perform songs by Acapella group Sweet Honey in the Rock,” she remembers. “But, I will admit
the first album I ever owned was Whitney Houston, which I carried around with me everywhere. My brother was the one who turned me on to rap, because he always played EPMD and Run-DMC.”
After singing with The Oakland Youth Choir through out high school, Goapele attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she auditioned by singing the Lena Horne classic “Stormy Weather.”
“I went to Berklee, because I wanted to have a better understanding of both the creative (singing, songwriting) as well as the business side,” says the former voice major. “I even performed in a James Brown ensemble group so I could be pushed out of my comfort zone.”
Indeed, a little bit of the James Brown/Prince vibe comes through on the hypnotic- funk of “Money.” As the last song recorded for Break of Dawn, she says, “Although I’m a naturally laidback person, I felt I needed a song to kick up the tempo a little bit. Malay played me a funky bassline and we just took the song from there. The subject of money is stressing out so many people these days, but I wanted folks to realize it’s not more important than relationships with other people.”
After a six-year hiatus, Goapele returns to the limelight with perhaps her most diverse and exciting project to date. Without a doubt, the beauty, tenderness and joyful music on Break of Dawn will make your day.

David Grisman Quintet

Saturday, November 12, 2011


10:00 pm

Sunday,November 13, 2011

6:00 pm


Yoshi’s Oakland

510 Embarcadero W
Oakland Ca 94607

David Grisman Quintet “Acousticity”

Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival 2008 – David Grisman Quintet “Acousticity” By WPPTV from WPPTV on Vimeo.
David Grisman: mandolin
Matt Eakle: flute
Frank Vignola: guitar
Jim Kerwin: bass
George Marsh: drums/percussion

For nearly half a century, mandolinist / composer / bandleader / producer David Grisman has been a guiding force in the evolving world of acoustic music. His musical range is wide and deep — embracing many styles, genres and traditions.
An acoustic pioneer and innovator, David forged a unique personal artistic path, skillfully combining elements of the great American music/art forms — jazz and bluegrass with many international flavors and sensibilities to create his own distinctive idiom — “Dawg” music (the nickname given him by Jerry Garcia.)  In doing so, he’s inspired new generations of acoustic string musicians, while creating his own niche in contemporary music.
Grisman discovered the mandolin as a teenager growing up in New Jersey, where he met and became a disciple of mandolinist/folklorist Ralph Rinzler. Despite warnings from his piano teacher that it wasn’t a “real” instrument, David learned to play the mandolin in the style of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music.  He took it to Greenwich Village where he studied English at NYU, while immersed in the proliferating folk music scene of the early 1960s.
In 1963 Grisman made his first recordings both as an artist (Even Dozen Jug Band – Elektra) and producer (Red Allen, Frank Wakefield and the Kentuckians – Folkways.)  In 1966 Red Allen offered David his first job with an authentic bluegrass band, the Kentuckians. Grisman began composing original tunes and playing with other urban bluegrass contemporaries like Peter Rowan and Jerry Garcia, with whom he would later form Old & in the Way.
David’s interests spread to jazz in 1967, while playing in a folk-rock group, Earth Opera. A failed attempt at learning to play alto sax turned him into a student of jazz musicianship and theory. His burgeoning career as a session musician gave him experience playing many types of music and opportunities to stretch the boundaries of the mandolin. His discography is filled with notables including Jerry Garcia, Stephane Grappelli, the Grateful Dead, John Hartford, Del McCoury, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Earl Scruggs, James Taylor and Doc Watson.
Dawg’s instrumental style found a home in 1974 when he formed the Great American Music Band with fiddler Richard Greene. “Nothing against singers,” said David, “but it became apparent to me that I could play 90 minutes without one. Besides, Elvis never called.” Within a year, David met guitar wizard Tony Rice, who moved to California where they started rehearsing a new group, the David Grisman Quintet (DGQ,) which also included violinist Darol Anger and bassist/mandolinist Todd Phillips. Since then the DGQ has featured such stellar notables as Svend Asmussen, Hal Blaine, Vassar Clements, Stephane Grappelli, Mike Marshall, Andy Statman and Frank Vignola.
The current lineup of the DAVID GRISMAN QUINTET  includes bassist Jim Kerwin, flutist Matt Eakle, percussionist George Marsh, and guitarist Frank Vignola.
After recording for major and independent labels, David founded Acoustic Disc in 1990 and entered the most prolific period of his career, producing 67 critically acclaimed CDs (five of which were Grammy-nominated.) In 2010 he launched <https://AcousticOasis.com/>AcousticOasis.com, the first download website devoted to acoustic music.
David Grisman has always been a revolutionary. He has deeply influenced contemporary acoustic practicioners through his own musical explorations and with the continuing success of Acoustic Disc and Acoustic Oasis, has helped make artist-owned independent labels a viable force in today’s music business.



Amiri Baraka and Ishmael Reed plus Roscoe Mitchell


November 14, 2011
8 PM
Yoshi’s San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

A Fundraiser for Before Columbus Foundation
Poet. Playwright. Activist.
Featuring performances by Al Young, Genny Lim, Lorna Dee Cervantes and Danny Romero.

Amiri Baraka
Amiri Baraka, born in 1934, in Newark, New Jersey, USA, is the author of over 40 books of essays, poems, drama, and music history and criticism, a poet icon and revolutionary political activist who has recited poetry and lectured on cultural and political issues extensively in the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.

With influences on his work ranging from musical orishas such as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, and Sun Ra to the Cuban Revolution, Malcolm X and world revolutionary movements, Baraka is renowned as the founder of the Black Arts Movement in Harlem in the 1960s that became, though short-lived, the virtual blueprint for a new American theater aesthetics. The movement and his published and performance work, such as the signature study on African-American music, Blues People (1963) and the play Dutchman (1963) practically seeded “the cultural corollary to black nationalism” of that revolutionary American milieu.
Other titles range from Selected Poetry of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones (1979), to The Music (1987), a fascinating collection of poems and monographs on Jazz and Blues authored by Baraka and his wife and poet Amina, and his boldly sortied essays, The Essence of Reparations (2003).
He has been the subject of numerous documentary films including Mario Van Peeble’s Poetic License for The Sundance Channel and St. Clair Bourne’s In Motion: Amiri Baraka. He has also appeared in dozens of films including, most recently, M.K. Asante, Jr’s award-winning documentary The Black Candle.
The Essence of Reparations is Baraka’s first published collection of essays in book form radically exploring what is sure to become a twenty-first century watershed movement of Black peoples to the interrelated issues of racism, national oppression, colonialism, neo-colonialism, self-determination and national and human liberation, which he has long been addressing creatively and critically. It has been said that Amiri Baraka is committed to social justice like no other American writer. He has taught at Yale, Columbia, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Somebody Blew Up America & Other Poems is Baraka’s first collection of poems published in the Caribbean and includes the title poem that has headlined him in the media in ways rare to poets and authors. The recital of the poem “that mattered” engaged the poet warrior in a battle royal with the very governor of New Jersey and with a legion of detractors demanding his resignation as the state’s Poet Laureate because of Somebody Blew Up America’s provocatively poetic inquiry (in a few lines of the poem) about who knew beforehand about the New York City World Trade Center bombings in 2001. The poem’s own detonation caused the author’s photo and words to be splashed across the pages of New York’s Amsterdam News and the New York Times and to be featured on CNN–to name a few US city, state and national and international media.
Ishmael Reed
Ishmael Reed is one of the most original and controversial figures in the field of African American letters. Reed was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 22 February 1938, but he grew up in Buffalo, New York. After graduating from high school in 1956, he enrolled as a night student at Millard Fillmore College but transferred to the University of Buffalo as a day student with the assistance of an English teacher who was impressed with a story Reed had written. For financial reasons, however, Reed eventually withdrew without taking a degree. He remained in Buffalo for some time, working as a correspondent for the Empire Star Weekly, a black community newspaper, and serving as cohost of a local radio program that was canceled after Reed conducted an interview with Malcolm X.

Moving to New York City in 1962, Reed served as editor of a Newark, New Jersey, weekly and helped establish the legendary East Village Other, one of the first and best-known of the so-called underground newspapers. Reed also was a member of the Umbra Writers Workshop, one of the organizations instrumental in the creation of the Black Arts movement and its efforts to establish a Black Aesthetic.
Reed’s first novel, The Freelance Pallbearers, was published in 1967. That same year he moved to Berkeley, California, later relocating to the adjacent city of Oakland, where he currently resides with his wife, Carla Blank, a dancer and choreographer. They have a daughter, Tennessee. Reed also has a daughter, Timothy Brett, from a previous marriage.
Reed has taught at the University of California at Berkeley since the late 1960s, even though he was denied tenure in 1977 (a circumstance he wrote about in his first collection of essays, Shrovetide in Old New Orleans (1978). He also has held visiting appointments at many other academic institutions, including Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Washington University in St. Louis, and SUNY Buffalo. In addition to winning several awards for his writing, Reed has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and was twice a finalist for the National Book Award (once in poetry and once in fiction).
Roscoe Mitchell
Through his participation in the establishment of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and as a founding member of the world-renowned Art Ensemble of Chicago, Roscoe Mitchell, composer and multi-instrumentalist was a major contributor to the creation of the body of musical literature that ushered in the post-Coltrane period. Mr. Mitchell has received numerous awards and grants including the National Endowment for the Arts, Wisconsin Arts Board, Vilas Foundation, University of Wisconsin-Madison and a research grant from Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique Musique (IRCAM) in Paris, France. He founded the Creative Arts Collective (CAC) of East Lansing, Michigan and he is the founder/leader of the Sound Ensemble and a co-founder of the trio Space.

Roscoe Mitchell’s innovations as a solo performer, his role in the resurrection of long-neglected woodwind instruments of extreme register, and his reassertion of the composer into what has traditionally been an improvisational form, have placed him at the forefront of contemporary music for over twenty years.

Oakland City Attorney
Resigns! FORCED OUT!!! Can’t Dodge Fraud, Corruption Charges!

The Occupy Movement that has swept America and the world, had it’s Occupy Oakland beginnings with the revelation of irrefutable evidence of the mass fraud and corruption of the Oakland City Attorney, Oakland Police Department, Alameda County District Attorney, Alameda County Superior Court, California State Appeals Court and California Supreme Court in an action to deny justice and cover up that denial of justice in the 20 year case of Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim vs CSAA, Rescue, et al.
The unrest caused by the exposure of the criminal actions of these law enforcement, legal and judicial individuals/bodies in this matter implored others to investigate the ongoing case revealing even more rampant corruption that has dramatically portrayed the sullied, sordid underbelly culture of corruption that Oakland and Alameda County has long been known for! This pattern continued even through the Oscar Grant murder debacle but lead to the people of the Oakland East Bay Area and beyond, standing up to that corruption and saying “NO MORE!!!”.
The cry at ALL the Occupy events world-wide are echoing the frustration felt by the people of the East Bay Area, “We are ALL Oscar Grant!!” and most are reacting in solidarity and union with those whom have voiced their opinions with their frustrations in a varied manner of ways. The world witnessed as Oakland revolted and burned with the that cry and now the whole world is chanting the same tune and following Oakland lead as it did in the 1960-70’s re-evolution!
The Minority and Occupy Communities ( #occupyoakland #OWS) are evaluating the elected officials, want-to-be-leaders, clergy and so-called power brokers that do not represent their interest, yet claim to bargain and speak for them! How can these self-perceived “influence peddlers” bargain away the rights and interests of people they do not talk to, know nor represent?
African-American youth, the overall Minority Youth Community with the Occupyers ( #occupyoakland #OWS) know these carpet baggers and their “bagmen” are sellouts and represent BIG BUSINESS INTEREST- the Developers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and maintaining the status quo! The Minority Youth Community with the Occupyers proclaim widely and loudly that they ARE NOT the constituents of these turncoats that disavow their very own ethnic orientation because they acknowledge that being Black in America is to be considered worthless and disposable!
One of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s problems is her depending on the advice of Uncle Toms Sandre Swanson, and Keith Carson; while fighting bootlicking-backstabbing Larry Reid and Ignacio DeLaFuente; assumming theres some influence of want-to-be-leaders, clergy and so-called power brokers to move the concerned disenfranchised; with double crooked duplicitous Dan Siegle! (More coming on this cast of characters)
Oakland City Councilmen Larry Reid and Ignacio DeLaFuente have given away many, many millions of dollars in valuable Real Estate to their developer partners! From 14th Ave to 106th Ave and down from MacArthur Blvd. to the Bay. Councilmen Reid and DeLaFuente are owned and controlled by developers! That’s why they constantly connive so shamelessly for the Civil Gang Injunctions and curfews, with EVERY act of difference they are in the media spinning it as an example of serious crime that could be eliminated with the injunction/curfew. Reid has gone on air and repeatedly tried to trivialize and void the entire good of some lives by claiming their life was somehow lost to or compromised by gang related violence that could have been avoided by the injunction/curfew by pushes for his disposed partner in crime, former City Attorney John Russo. Many families resenting that media manipulation with on air to publicly denounce Reid’s developers serving claims!
Reid was served with a complaint against his partner Russo and refused to investigate it, but rather chose to cover it up. Not so oddly enough, that was the same stance taken by Sandre Swanson, Keith Carson and District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. Who are they protecting and why? Carson has made himself a witness in this case my the admissions made by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley to him regarding the incident where she had al-Hakim removed from the D. A.’s office while sitting alone in the lobby waiting for a meeting!
The real reason the Reid Gang wants the injunction/curfews are because they are law enforcement and real estate developers dream tools for gentrifying the inner-city and administratively taking land from the poor! Not so unfortunately, an analyst last week revealed that the North Oakland Gang Injunction HAS FAILED to reduce crime in any way, yet in has enriched the police department with over $12 million while the Oakland Police Department has FAILED to comply with the Federal Mandate to meet MINIMUM agreed upon standards to fight corruption! This failure is one of the presumed reasons for Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts resigning. One question being asked now is did Mayor Ron Dellums or City Attorney John Russo investigate the many alleged charges of abuse against former Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts before they hired him and was that a factor in his resigning?
Watch video of al-Hakim and https://Nowtruth.org exposed California & Alameda County Superior Court Corruption
Watch video of al-Hakim and https://Nowtruth.org exposed Oakland City Attorney John Russo Gave Case File To Stephan Barber and Law Firm Ropers Majeski, didn’t Tell Court
Watch video of al-Hakim and https://Nowtruth.org forced Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide- Must Resign
Watch video of al-Hakim and https://Nowtruth.org exposing Judge Jon Tigar’s appointment to his judicial post was through Nepotism and Cronyism
Listen to voicemail from Deputy District Attorney Kevin Dunleavy exposing continued Corruption and Fraud by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley as he hadvictim al-Hakim removed from Courthouse Building while al-Hakim was waiting for a meeting with him! O’Malley further ordered al-Hakim to NEVER return to the courthouse under the threat of arrest by D. A. Bob Conner, someone known to al-Hakim to have tried to place al-Hakim in a life threatening situation that resulted in the only conviction of police officers crimes committed while on duty! She made this order without any legal proceeding, court order nor cause in her effort to prompt a conflict of interest charge to avoid having to investigate and prosecute the complaint and evidence by al-Hakim that establishes the admitted fraud committed by the D.A.’s office for over 20 years!
Listen to Maggie Takeda voicemail exposing Presiding Judge Jon Rolfenson losing/throwing away the formal Corruption Fraud Complaint!
Watch video of al-Hakim and exposed Govenor Jerry Brown Covering for Judges, DA, City Attorney’s from Oakland and San Leandro that he was suppose to Investigate 4 Fraud! Watch the story with video and documents at:
Unlike the late, great Gil Scott-Herron said, you can watch the OCCUPY RE-EVOLUTION from the comfort of your home or away on our 24/7 live television feed from OCCUPY OAKLAND and the other OCCUPY Movements around the world on the Nowtruth.org website here:
Crooked former Oakland City Attorney John Russo was forced to resign from a constant three year barrage of fact laden reports of fraud and corruption by Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, has been appointed the Alameda city manager position sources have confirmed. You can view the 2009 video of former Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide- Must Resign!
al-Hakim has over 87,000 signatures and implores everyone to click on any one of the links and sign the Petition To The Honorables President Barack Obama and United States Attorney General Eric Holder to raise it’s investigation of corruption involving then Attorney General Jerry Brown, Oakland City Attorney John Russo, former Oakland and current San Leandro City Attorney Jayne Williams, former District Attorney Tom Orloff, and current District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley.



Nov 18-Nov 20, 2011

Yoshi’s San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

  • Friday 10PM

Tank – Emergency
Tank is one of the most recognizable names in modern R&B, known for vivid storytelling and sensual love songs. He’s an icon in the making, with four albums and eight Grammy nominations under his belt. He’s also a singer who carries the torch of masters like Marvin Gaye and Al Green, while redefining R&B for a new decade. For singer/songwriter/producer Tank—about to release his Atlantic Records debut Now or Never, his first album in three years, and the one he describes as his most confident yet—the secret is simple. He remains true to who he is, as a man and an artist.
“My music is the real me,” says Tank. “I’ll either live by that or I’ll die by that in this business, but I’ve got to be me.” He’s famous for sexy yet relatable love songs that are at once thoroughly modern and yet steeped in the sounds of classic soul. Though fans know and love Tank for smash hits like “Maybe I Deserve” and “Please Don’t Go,” they may be surprised to learn that he is also behind such chart-toppers as Rubben Studdard’s “Change Me” and Omarion’s “O.” What’s more, Tank served as an associate member of the hit-making production team, The Underdogs, with further credits including the smash soundtrack to the 2006 musical film adaptation of Dreamgirls (in which he also made a cameo). Since releasing his previous album Sex, Love, & Pain in 2007, Tank took a moment to step out of the spotlight, but not necessarily out of the studio. He formed the Los Angeles-based production company Song Dynasty, and began shaping the sound of modern R&B with songs for a diverse roster of artists including Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, and Keri Hilson. Though he has enjoyed crafting hits for these artists, Tank is ready to step into the spotlight yet again, and returns with an incredibly personal collection. “I put a lot of my personal business into my music because people relate to it. I sing based upon the things that I’ve been through. I don’t just sing about the pain, I sing about getting through it. Whether I’m singing about sex, relationships, or the occasional party, the songs are still about classic R&B themes.”
Poised to release his fourth studio album Now or Never, Tank is ready to share the intensely intimate themes his fans have come to love, even as he prepares to show an entirely new side of himself. “The sound of this new album is still the traditional R&B formula, but sonically it’s very current,” says Tank. His first single, “Sex Music,” perfectly illustrates his new sound. The high-energy track lives up to its name with a spacey, shuddering beat. Produced by Song Dynasty with Harvey Mason Jr. (Dreamgirls, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake), “Sex Music” is sure to appeal to die-hard Tank fans.
“We’re going to keep pressing forward with this R&B thing,” promises Tank. During the process of bringing Now or Never to life, he’s experimented with new technology and new collaborators, even as he explores the themes that have always moved him. “Emergency” is an emotional ballad with a sense of humor, comparing a woman’s desire to a four-alarm fire. “You Mean that Much” is a soaring, orchestral anthem. “Can I Make Love”, says Tank, “is self-explanatory… I’m known for having songs that give you an opportunity to not say much. All you need is a little eye contact, and it’s on.”
These timeless songs of love, lust, and loss take cinematic tone in the hands of Tank, as he crafts imagery that is uniquely tangible and real. Perhaps it’s his new love of acting that has deepened his storytelling. Tank recently graced the screen in The Preacher’s Kid, and he has been studying acting, though he promises that music will continue to be his first love. “We have to take this stand now because R&B is slowly becoming a lost art,” explains Tank. “R&B music is the thing that connects people.” Though he loves a fantasy party scene as much as any man, Tank writes about the real, everyday emotions and situations that people relate to because, as he says, “we’re meant to move people with this music, and I want to be part of that movement.”
It’s been an incredible journey since Tank was an undiscovered artist with a dream, penning “Maybe I Deserve” in the basement of his mother’s Maryland home, on “an MPC and two keyboards.” The single would go on to dominate urban radio in 2001, when Tank released his gold-certified debut album Force of Nature. Though he has enjoyed remarkable successes throughout his career, Tank considers Now or Never the album when “it all came together.” The title doesn’t just refer to the urgency he feels within R&B as a whole, but also the growth he’s done over the years as an artist. Now re-emerging with a new team and a renewed confidence in his music, Tank is ready to have these songs heard.
“Everything I’ve been through has prepared me for this moment right now. I’ve got a new deal, new energy and new people around who are just as excited about the album as I am. Everything I’ve learned over the years as a producer, writer and artist have gone into Now or Never.”


Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu

with The Cannabinoids
The Warfield 
982 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

  • Day: Fri, Dec 9, 2011
  • Showtime: 9:00 PM
  • Doors open: 8:00 PM

Erykah Badu was born Erica Wright in Dallas, Texas, in 1972. By the age of 14, Erykah was free-styling for a local radio station alongside such talent as Roy Hargrove, who, incidentally, was a talented beat-boxer back in the 80’s and who is now a very successful session musician in his own right. In her early youth, she decided to change the spelling of her name from Erica to Erykah, as she firmly believed her original name to be her ‘slave’ name. The term ‘kah’ signifies the inner self, which, when translated from Muslim, means ‘can do no wrong’. Her surname, Badu, derives from an Arabic word which means ‘to manifest truth and light’. After completing her theatre studies at university in 1993, Erykah Badu decided to concentrate on her music. She began to teach children how to sing and dance, whilst also performing in a hip-hop act with her cousin entitled Erykah Free. The following year Erykah met Tim Grace, of Legacy Entertainment. He listened to a demo once and decided to sign the young hip-hop duo without further hesitation. He then successfully managed to book Erykah Free to open for such established hip-hop crews as A Tribe Called Quest and Arrested Development. Erykah began recording the Baduizm set in 1996 and worked with such talented producers as ?love and Richard Nichols of The Roots, James Poyser and N’dambi. February of 1997 couldn’t possibly have been a bigger year for Erykah. Her debut album was released and it achieved platinum status in under a month; her live shows received continual praise and her popularity increased dramatically. Erykah Badu had finally arrived on the big stage. Erykah Badu inevitably drew close comparisons to the legendary Billie Holiday. The formers blend of old soul, jazz and hip-hop, fused with a hypnotic flow is capable of stirring the deepest emotions, and Erykah’s place amongst today’s elite female soul artists of the world is already well and truly assured.



Snoop Dogg & WizThe High School Tour

Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa

The Warfield 
982 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

  • Day: Mon, Dec 12, 2011
  • Showtime: 8:00 PM
  • Doors open: 7:00 PM

The Velveteen Rabbit
Choreographed and directed by KT Nelson.
November 26, 2011, at 2 p.m.

Novellus Theater at YBCA 
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street (at 3rd Street)
San Francisco, CA 94103-3138
415.978.ARTS (2787)

ODC/Dance — one of America’s most exciting contemporary dance companies, returns to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to present their 25th season of this beloved Bay Area production.
Brimming with with, festive costumes, madcap characters and the perfect amount of holiday cheer, ODC/Dance is proud to present Margery Williams’ classic tale of a well-worn nursery rabbit that becomes real. Emotionally told though music, dance and a powerful narration recorded by Bay Area actor Geoff Hoyle, The Velveteen Rabbit celebrates the unique relationship between a little boy and his stuffed rabbit, and the enduring power of love.
For more information go to www.odcdance.org, for Group Sales 10+ contact groupsales@odcdance.org or call 415-678-5956, for Family Pack discounts call YBCA Box Office at 415.978.2787 (Closed Mondays) The “Milk & Cookies post-performance party in the YBCA FORUM on Sun, Nov 27th must be ordered separately from the 2pm performance.



November 15, 2011 -December 11, 2011

Curran Theatre
445 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102


Fela! is presented by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, the first time they’ve produced a Broadway show. Fela! was created by Bill T. Jones. Jones choreographed, wrote the play book for, and directed Fela! Jones created his own dance company, has won a MacArthur Genius Award, a Harlem Renaissance Award, an Obie, and a Tony, among many other honors.
Fela! documents the incredible true story of Fela Kuti, a musician from Nigeria who pioneered Afro beat music, and who fought for civil rights and against political corruption in his native country.
Fela was initially going to be a doctor, but decided to be a musician instead, fusing many different styles and the sounds of his native country into what eventually became known as his own distinct and complex style of music, Afrobeat.

The Political Struggles of Fela

Fela first started calling his music Afrobeat in the late sixties, and as his career progressed, his music got more political, much to the chagrin of the Nigerian government, who attacked the commune where Fela lived, destroying his studio, and beating him badly (Fela’s mother was killed during the attack).
But this didn’t quiet Fela or his music, which continued to infuriate the government. Fela also tried to run for President in Nigeria’s first elections in over ten years. When Fela died in 1997, over a million people came to the funeral chanting “Fela will live forever,” and a shrine was built in his honor.
It has been said that hip-hop would not exist without Fela’s music, and he was also described as a combination of James Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Bob Dylan. Eventually Fela’s music was re-released, and several musical shows showcasing his story and life hit the stage (recently a movie from Focus Features about the life of Fela was made for release in 2010).

Fela! was first performed off-Broadway in 2008, and it was a huge success, hitting Broadway the following year, with the help of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jay-Z, and several other producers. The music of Fela has also been provided by Antibalas, a modern nine-piece afrobeat band. Fela! of course also features the incredible legacy of music he left behind, and his musical and political legacy still live on strong.

The Triumph of Fela

The musical Fela! is an incredible explosion of music, color and culture. The website www.felaonbroadway.com notes, “Please be advised that Fela! has loud sound effects, smoke and haze effects and strobe effects. “The Broadway experience can be like sitting with blinders on,” the creator of Fela! told Billboard. “This is a show you enjoy as much with your body as with your mind. It’s free and communal.”
Fela! is presented by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, the first time they’ve produced a Broadway show. Fela! was created by Bill T. Jones. Jones choreographed, wrote the play book for, and directed Fela! Jones created his own dance company, has won a MacArthur Genius Award, a Harlem Renaissance Award, an Obie, and a Tony, among many other honors.
Fela! has been nominated for 11 Tony Awards, and has won three: Best Choreography, Best Costume Design for a Musical, and Best Sound Design for a Musical.


The Duke Ellington Orchestra

Sun, Dec 11, 2011 8:00pm
Davies Symphony Hall
201 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco , CA 94199

$15 to $68- Half price for ages 17 and under
The Duke Ellington Orchestra

The music of Duke Ellington defies any strict categorization. Call it Jazz, call it Swing, call it Big Band. But whatever you call it, call it the music that will make you want to dance in the aisles of Davies Symphony Hall! Don’t you dare miss The Duke Ellington Orchestra in a toe-tappin’, finger-snappin’ concert of music from the great Ellington songbook, including holiday hits and some of his best loved tunes. One happenin’ night only!


Colors of Christmas

Peabo Bryson
Jennifer Holliday
Lea Salonga
Ben Vereen
San Francisco Symphony

Tuesday, December 13-15, 2011
8:00 pm

Davies Symphony Hall
201 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94199
(415) 864-6000

It’s a night like no other and a holiday tradition at Davies Symphony Hall. Peabo Bryson, Jennifer Holliday, Lea Salonga and Ben Vereen celebrate at the annual Colors of Christmas concerts with the San Francisco Symphony, with director Jeffery Williams and the A.M.E. Oakland Mass Choir, performing traditional Christmas favorites and their individual hits. Hear these sensational singers perform their pop hits and Christmas favorites in a memorable concert sure to keep you clapping.
Peabo Bryson

Peabo Bryson
Peabo Bryson is one of the premier male vocalists in contemporary music and with twenty-five years of music-making to his credit. Peabo Bryson is expanding his creative horizons as a producer and songwriter….

Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer Holliday
Born October 19, 1960, Riverside, Texas, Jennifer Holliday is a two-time Grammy Award®-winning African-American singer and actress. Some of her works include: * 1983 Feel My Soul #31 U….

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga-Chien is a Filipina singer and actress. She is best known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon, for which she won the Olivier, Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics and Theatre World awards….

Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen
Few entertainers today are as accomplished or versatile as Ben Vereen. His legendary performances transcend time and have been woven into the fabric of this country’s artistic legacy. H…San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Symphony
Founded in 1911, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) is widely considered to be among the country’s most artistically adventurous and innovative arts institutions. Under Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT), the SFS presents more than 220 concerts and presentations annually for an audience…
A.M.E. Oakland Mass Choir
Jeffery Williams, director



Oakland Interfaith Gospel Ensemble

  • Day: Sat, Dec 24, 2011
  • Showtime: 7:00 and 9:00 PM
  • Doors open: 6:00 PM

333 11th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
The principal purpose of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Ensemble is to employ black gospel music to express the power of spirit and bring a message of faith, hope, love and joy to the country and to the world, to exemplify through interfaith, multi-racial and multi-cultural membership the principles of equality, justice, peace, unity and cooperation and to serve as a model for what is possible among all people. Please join us at Slim’s for our annual Christmas tradition!



  • Day: Thur, Dec 29, 2011
  • Showtime: 9:00 PM
  • Doors open: 8:00 PM

333 11th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Zongo Junction embodies the wealth of Brooklyn’s musical diversity, by melding traditional West African rhythms with Funk, Jazz and Soul from the U.S. Heavily influenced by Nigerian superstar, political activist and afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the 13-piece ensemble gets audiences riled up and dancing at every show they put on.
The band was conceived in early 2007 by drummer Charles Ferguson and original keyboardist, Adam Coopersmith while the two attended the New School in New York City. When Charles returned from a six-month trip to Ghana, where he studied African highlife music and traditional xylophone technique, he teamed up with Adam and 11 other musicians to form Zongo Junction. The name comes from the bus stop from which Charles lived off of while living in Accra, Ghana.
The band was well received from the start. Their club debut at Public Assembly (formerly the Galapagos Arts Center) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in July was a huge success, and led to a monthly residency for the duration of the year. Since then, the band has performed at some of New York’s most illustrious venues including the Knitting Factory and Le Poisson Rouge as well as Williams College in Williamstown, MA and the Elbo Room in San Francisco where they played a sold out show the night before New Year’s in 2009.
The core of the band was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been playing music together virtually since they were all still in diapers. Five members of the band were part of the prestigious Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble (alumni include: Joshua Redman, Peter Apfelbaum, Will Bernard, Benny Green) and twice toured Europe. All members moved to New York after High School to attend music programs at The New School and New York University.
Turkuaz is comprised of Brooklyn’s funkiest and brightest. The two founding members, Taylor Shell and Dave Brandwein, met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As members of the Galaxy Smith Digital Media Collective (Galaxysmith.com) they are now kicking things into high gear with their 8 – 13 piece (depending on the occasion) high energy funk band. Influences range from the Talking Heads to James Brown – P-Funk to Jamiroquai – creating a show which is an eclectic mix of funk influences and sounds from all over the board. When the group takes their party to the stage it certainly is a spectacle to be remembered.





From the great success that we have had with our Free Food Programs established in the 1950’s by my Parents, Aaron and Margaret Wallace, we have since been instrumental in the founding and supplying of other free food service organizations around the country.
With the demand for our help in creating these organizations being driven by the skyrocketing need for the services, we have decided to open up our efforts to all interested in starting a food pantry for the needy.
We can provide access to the training necessary to qualify your organization and partner you with the local organizations and businesses that can support your efforts. Contact us and we will help you through the RED TAPE and push your program to success!
Here’s some new videos for the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Social Services Programs. The first is the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Free Food Program Celebrity Giving Back
The second one is Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Kids Celebrity Gift BackPacks.
You can view the following Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation, SemiFreddi’s, Trader Joe’s, Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Marshawn Lynch’s “Fam1ly F1rst” and Leon Powe’s “Fresh Start Oakland”:
Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation
Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 1
Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 2
You can listen to or download many of the Public Service Announcements for our partners that were broadcast over national radio on the page “A& MWF Supports Inter-Faith Multi-Cultural Events” at: https://amwftrust.org/a-mwf-supports-inter-faith-multi-cultural-events/. We have provided and we have produced videos from some of them as well.  We will do one for any of our partners that work with us.

Alameda County Community Food Bank!

The Alameda County Community Food Bank is looking for new member agencies that will provide food bags and/or hot meals to Alameda County community members year-round.
We are especially interested in new member agencies that are:

  • Open during high-need times of afternoon, evening, and/or weekend hours
  • Serving clients in high-need areas of:
    • Downtown Oakland/Chinatown (94612 zip code)
    • West Oakland (94607 zip code)
    • East Oakland-Eastlake area (94606 zip code)
    • East Oakland- Elmhurst area (94603 zip code)
    • East Oakland- Fruitvale area (94601 zip code)
    • San Leandro & San Lorenzo area
    • Tri-Cities area (Fremont, Newark, Union City)

Benefits of Membership
Membership gives your agency:

  1. Free & low-cost food (including free farm-fresh produce)
  2. Free trainings & skill-building sessions
  3. Opportunities to apply for grants to increase agency capacity
  4. Access to free nutritional education services, Food Stamp (CalFresh) outreach services, and the emergency food referral Helpline

To become a Member Agency, your organization must:

  • Be a non-profit, charitable organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. (Other 501c organizations, such as 501c5, do not qualify).
  • Operate an emergency food program, such as a food pantry, hot meal program/soup kitchen, or emergency shelter that is open to walk-in clients.*
  • Distribute food regularly for at least 3 months prior to applying for membership.
  • Provide food directly to individuals and families in need. At least 51% of your clients must be low-income.
  • Distribute Food Bank food at no charge. Your agency may not ask for donations from clients for food.
  • Not require clients to work or to attend any religious activities in exchange for food or meals.
  • Be willing to follow Food Bank regulations such as (but not limited to) submitting monthly food distribution reports and taking food safety training once per year.

* Please note: The Food Bank is not accepting new non-emergency programs at this time. Non-emergency programs include day care sites, afterschool programs, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, and residential programs.

New Member Agency Application Process:

    1. Contact the Food Bank’’s Agency Services staff to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership. You can email us atagency (at) accfb.org or call us at 510-635-3663 ext. 365.
      • Agency Services staff will work with you to determine your eligibility
    1. Attend a series of 2 trainings. At least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency must attend EACH of the trainings. We welcome (and highly encourage) agencies to bring more than 2 staff/volunteers to attend each training.
      • Note: The last round of training dates for 2011 has already passed. The next round of training dates will be sometime in January – March 2012. Please contact us to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership so that we can contact you when these dates have been scheduled.
    1. Submit a New Member Agency Application. Applications can only be submitted after at least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency have completed all 2 trainings.
    1. Complete a successful site visit at your agency. Food Bank Agency Services staff will visit your site to see your program, facilities, and review food safety policies.
  1. Applications will be reviewed by the Agency Relations Committee. The Agency Relations Committee, a Food Bank board committee of staff and volunteers from current member agencies, will review and select member agencies eligible to join the Food Bank. Decisions are usually made within 6-8 weeks from the training dates.
FREE Business Strategic Plan

Are you interested in growing your business?
We are offering a FREE Business analysis and will discuss your needs for an overall Strategic Plan including a Website upgrade with a national media campaign, after you have completed the Strategic Planning Client Questionnaire on our website and schedule a meeting to contract our services and move forward to SUCCESS!
We can mount a media campaign for you with events and advantages your business offers to potential clients as the centerpiece of that effort. This could not only provide exposure and build your new brand, but could also build your business development with corporate sponsors, business partners, non-profit organizations and donors.
You could be your own special BRAND within and without the business campaign! This will not detract from the business campaign in any way and inevitably lead to other business opportunities, and a very effective social position that will allow you to achieve more business goals!
We will be integrally involved in creating the campaign concept with you as both a separate branded entity and the business brand. We would develop them within the overall brand platform and defining a tangible brand experience across the myriad offerings of the business services and social activities. Our work will touch on all aspects of the business as a brand, and the brand’s physical presentation; client offerings; programs; events; promotions; Web site; marketing; advertising; publicist; social media managements; sponsorship vehicles; and creation of “your business Community” through multi-channel strategies for both traditional and new media to engender an engaging, interactive and sustainable customer experience.
We will to develop and create expedient, viable, replicable solutions to optimize your bottom line, raise your public profile and social perception while increasing the satisfaction quotient for your customers.
As a means for us to move forward I would like to begin the initial intake process for you as a Strategic Planning Client. To that end I would like you are to complete our on-line “Strategic Planning Client Questionnaire” on our website at:
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The things that I feel you needs to address on your website/blog are:
1) E-Commerce with PayPal and all top payment services (including charitable donations),
2) Forms completion,
3) Cloud Storage for documents with selective access,
4) Video Conferencing and Chat,
5) Client Services Web Chat,
6) Audio and Video Display,
7) Members Only and Private Pages access,
8) Blog Post latest news and messages
You should take the time while at the website to review a great source of information on our company here and more useful information on the following pages:
Social Media Management at:  https://www.ex-why.com/branded-social-media-management/
Publicist Services at: https://www.ex-why.com/publicist-services/
New Client Questionnaire at:  https://www.ex-why.com/new-client-questionnaire/
There is much work to do and we are committed and prepared to work with you and look forward to our attaining success beyond your wildest dream!
Thank you again for allowing us to help you as we look forward to many more successful efforts!


The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation(A&MWF) is a non-denominational, multi-cultural,100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.Providing The Necessities For Success In Life
A&MWF, a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, has created a 100% volunteer self-operated, self-supported, self financed model defined by developing the marketplace of a network that features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses.
A&MWF delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to over 4,000 individuals- children, families, and organizations per monthwho lack these essentials and is pioneering a new trend, as government and community funds grapple with the recession and the challenges of raising funds, WE have forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a dynamic virtual clearinghouses or “town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.
A&MWF has made it easy and effortless for service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups to connect with those in NEED, as we have received more individuals needs profiles submitted on this site. The profiles include their contact information, information about their needs, desired solutions, pleas for their need satisfaction, and a listing of opportunities to achieve their solution. We also have profiles submitted of individuals as prospective donors or volunteers, include information about the causes that interest them.
If you or someone that you know needs Quality of Life Aid, PLEASE fill out the form below so that we can determine the best way to assist them.
Anyone can register at https://AMWFTRUST.ORG by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.


¿eX-whY AdVentures?Searchrite1 
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We have a HipHop Ad Agency specializing in advertising, strategic planning, promotions and marketing targeting the hard to reach, but extremely lucrative, X-Y and Baby Boomer generations urban and suburban markets using Hip Hop culture, it’s sound, it’s fashion, it’s speak, it’s bravado, it’s image, it’s way, as the vehicle. We have registered the services of Hip Hop, Rap and RB’s elite artists, producers, directors, writers, choreographers, dancers, graff artist, B-boys, photographers, actors, models, and professional athletes to participate in this ¿eX-whY AdVentures?. We are producing commercial ads from concept, to creation, to production, to placement in media, – the entire process-, while owning our product!!!
We custom design, write, direct, produce, perform and provide all talent for the motion picture or television project, stage play, entertainment event, commercial ads, film trailers, soundtracks, the jingle, voice overs, and all promotions associated with the product.
We are developing jobs for actors, producers, directors, casting directors, and writers in the entertainment, commercial advertisement, stage, film and television fields.
To that end , our management agency would like you to provide us with a list of your castings calls that might fit this description for consideration in placement for jobs that you have.
We would be interested in any roles for anyone of our 10,000 Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Celebrity, Musicians, and Actors direct email recipients; our over 270,000 list members; and our over 21 million total readers of the publications we submit to.
As you can tell from our roster of talent, our Casting Division has a unique advantage in all forms of casting. With the growing popularity of ‘film and music video-style’ products, we have found that directors and producers value our ability to call in seasoned, serious talent from the film and television industries to add depth and quality to performances in stage, film, television and commercials.
More than two decades of feature film, television and commercial casting experience has provided us with strong relationships with agents, managers and talent which helps us to find the necessary talent to create innovative, creative and one-of-a-kind artistic product.
We can send Photos, Bios, videos, Comp Cards, CV with samples of work and salary requirements, where necessary. We are members of the Casting Society of America (C.S.A.), Independent Film Producers (I.F.P.), Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) to list a few.
There are some good entertainment industry job listings on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at https://eX-whY.com!


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* Contract negotiations, arbitrations, salary grievances, booking, production, management, recording, publishing, distribution, merchandising, licensing, to representation in copyright matters, royalty disputes, and an array of sports and entertainment issues and problems, with an emphasis on the sports and music industry;
* Provide special services to Rookies, Free Agents, Wavered players, and established Veterans by actively promoting and marketing your interest to the teams, securing try outs and contracts, while giving supplemental reports to selected teams to aid in your quest to get the big dollar contract. For every player, we secure alternate contracts with foreign teams in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Africa, the Islands, as well as other American teams here. We secure contracts for try outs, tours, tournaments and leagues, in addition to employment referrals and aid in furthering your education. For those that do not make it in the United States the first time, we reorient you back into the U.S. pro sports industry with updated film, scouting reports, and information we release to all the pro teams on your progress, statistics, performances, and availability while acquiring new opportunities for you. There is absolutely no other agency or attorney that can do this for you. Just ask them. But….
* Record Demo Shopping; and Label Deals, independent record label, production deals, publishing company and/or distribution company deals.
* Programs that offer several Plans specially designed to fit your needs by providing you with expert advisers to ascertain your clients complete financial security. We provide the best professional advisers to negotiate you or your clients contract and advise you as to the length, the amount of money, the bonuses, incentives, and options in the contract. We have attorneys to procure all your legal needs, certified public accountants for your tax planning, financiers for your investment portfolio, insurance, and estate planning. Additionally we provide personal artist managers to enhance your commercial advertisement, product endorsement, and motion picture appeal. Subscribe to Superstars Network here.

We encourage and insist that you get yourself together and join SuperStars Network for all your needs and feel confident once again that your business is in the best hands, Yours! Call me collect. This is the wisest decision you could ever make.

We are members of the Casting Society of America (CSA), Independant Film Producers (IFP), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Producers Guild of America (PGA), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

Thanks, and don’t forget to check out our website at:

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November-December 2011 New Job Listings

Television / feature film production company is seeking a Creative Executive. Must have one to two years’ experience in TV. Responsibilities include script coverage, compiling writer/director/actor lists, research and writing detailed notes.  Must be familiar with TV writers and showrunners and the general TV development landscape.  Executive will be expected to bring in projects and work across both TV (scripted and reality) and Features.  Will also assist two senior development executives with some administrative tasks (scheduling/research) when necessary.  Send cover letter and resume totvfilmexecjob@gmail.com
The Robert Simonds Company (Culver City) Veteran producer Robert Simonds seeks Creative Executive to assist in development of star-driven scripts. New venture startup backed by private equity firm TPG. Salary commensurate with experience. Please forward cover letter and resume for consideration torsasst@rscfilms.com
Beverly Hills-based TV Production & Distribution Company seeks Director of International Distribution.  Minimum of 2 years’ experience in worldwide sales of TV programming required.  Most qualified applicant will be driven, organized, with existing contacts around the world.  Please send resume and cover letter to:  TVDistCo@yahoo.com
A west-side entertainment company seeks Accounting Manager to work with the Controller and CFO.  Salary $50K to $65K. Responsibilities: supervision of accounts payable, preparation and analysis of cost reports compared to budget, journal entries, account reconciliations, financial close, ad hoc reporting, and special projects. The ideal candidate will have an accounting degree with 2-4 years of experience. CPA, prior film company experience, or familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics AX would be a plus. Email resume to temporary email address pwiowarnert@dunflimblag.mailexpire.com
Bi-Coastal Talent Management is seeking an experienced talent manager for its Los Angeles office. Experience at either a management office or talent agency is a must. A client list that comes with you is a major plus. We are also open to applicants with agent or manager assistant experience who have established industry relationships. We will also consider a creative deal with “small shop” or sole proprietor manager with a great list and desire to join a well-respected bi-coastal team at a respected management firm. Send resumes to jeff@mksd.com
The Association of Talent Agents, is looking for a full-time Executive Coordinator/Office Administrator.  Provide daily administrative support to the Executive Director. Coordinate events, meetings and seminars. Create and maintain Board Meeting “Minutes”. Computer literacy using MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) & Website HTML skills a plus. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Minimum of three years experience supporting a high level executive. Benefits include medical, 401(k), vacation. Email resume to Shellie@agentassociation.com
Busy commercial production company in Culver City, Los Angeles seeks Staff Bidder/Production Manager. Ideal candidate will have commercial bidding or production managing experience.  Responsibilities will include bidding, bid research, systems management, supervision of freelance crews, and assisting Executive Producer. Please email resume, and a cover letter describing your history in commercial production and your personal goals. Please forward your information to staffpmjob@gmail.com
A boutique Talent Agency is interested is seeking an on-camera Commercial Talent Agent or a Youth Talent Agent for immediate openings. We are seeking an experienced, highly motivated, agent to provide day to day submissions, pitches, negotiations as well as to help meet the department’s future expansion goals. Great relationships with casting directors. We are a cozy, pleasant, friendly, hip workplace. Name your email “Talent Agent Opening(your name/phones) and send to talentagencyopening@gmail.com
Leading independent reality Production Company, based in Los Angeles, seeks Manager of Development to join its innovative and growing department. Key qualities include solid writing skills, strong work ethic, and sharp intellect. Applicants must have experience researching, developing and formatting original program ideas, and have a sincere interest in non-scripted television.  Ability to shoot, edit, and run shoots a plus. Please send cover letter, resume, and writing sample to development.mgmt.job@gmail.com
Leading talent & literary management company is looking for a mailroom supervisor. Must have knowledge of office machines and be technologically savvy. Knowledge of Avaya phone system a plus. You will set up headsets for employees, program phones, supervise shipping, maintain the Xerox & binding machines, order supplies, coordinate requests from assistants and assign runners.  Please send your resume in pdf format to 0475jobs@gmail.com
Seeking a Director of Business Development and Sales for Los Angeles office to head the acquisition of new business and grow existing client relationships and accounts.  Super! Alright! is a creative agency/production company that produces commercials, Film + TV, and all types of new media for top-tier brands and clients. Candidates must have a proven track record in business development, both in initial outreach to prospective clients as well as negotiation and deal closure. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required. Please send resumes to: jobs@superalright.com
United Talent Agency (UTA) seeks qualified candidates for its agent trainee program. Previous industry experience and bachelors degree required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the business of talent representation. This is a very demanding environment with excellent opportunities to work in Film, Television, Music, New Media and Entertainment Marketing. Proficiency with Microsoft Office software is mandatory. Compensation includes overtime and full benefits. References required.www.unitedtalent.com for more information. Fax cover letter & resume to (310) 247-1111 or email to HR@unitedtalent.com. Attn: Human Resources. No calls.
Busy television production company with studio term deal seeks an assistant who wants to learn about the TV/film industry.  Candidate should be driven, computer literate, detail-oriented and creative with strong communication skills.  Entertainment experience and excellent computer skills are mandatory. Agency experience preferred. Responsibilities include heavy phones, scheduling and office management.  Email resumes/cover letters tottc_jobs@yahoo.com
Seeking highly-motivated office assistant for boutique TV and film literary management company, not a production or development job. Requirements: industrious, tough, self-starter, multi-tasker with can-do attitude who can work independently and who is available to start by mid-November and make one-year commitment. Similar entertainment office experience highly preferable (phone sheet, submissions, scheduling, filing, logs, etc.).  $500 to $550/week depending on experience.  Limited benefits. Send resume and cover letter to Field Entertainment to  hiring@fieldentertainment.net
2nd assistant position available for high level executive at a major studio. We need an energetic person with a great attitude who has the ability to keep up with an extremely busy, fast paced office. Responsibilities include full calendar duties, planning all travel and putting together extensive/detailed itineraries, expenses, rolling calls and some personal work. Ability to work quickly and precisely is important. Collaborative and “no task too small” mentality is a must. Please send resumes to: asst2needed@gmail.com
Management Company Alchemy Entertainment is seeking an experienced assistant for its manager/president.  Candidate must be able to work extremely well in a fast paced environment and be able to handle a busy desk. At least one year of agency desk experience or casting director experience preferred.  Looking for someone who wants to get into talent management.  Please send resumes to TalentMgmtAsst@gmail.com
Boutique literary agency is seeking an exceptional, highly motivated and detailed orientated Assistant to support agents.  Must be able to work well in a fast paced deadline driven environment. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, a desire to learn the business and a high level of enthusiasm. Great entry level opportunity to experience the entertainment world. Send resumes to littalentjob@gmail.com
Mandate Pictures is seeking a 2nd Assistant to the President Nathan Kahane.  This is a demanding position with growth opportunities for the right person.  Must be detail oriented, comfortable in a high pressure work environment, and possess the mental fortitude to handle large amounts of personal responsibilities coupled with administrative tasks.  A great work ethic, positive energy, and passion for creative development are a must.  Please send resumes to: mandateassistant@gmail.com
Seeking Junior Manager or experienced, mature Assistant to become Junior Manager within 6 months. Opportunity for further growth within the company. Looking for someone who is able to hold their own at a Broadway opening or a set visit for Film and TV, able to participate in signing of new clients, and covering existing clients. Company is a respected, high profile boutique management company that is growing quickly. Salary negotiable based on experience. Resume/Cover letter required. Send to managementsearch2011@gmail.com
Boutique Talent Management Company seeks Assistant.  Must have genuine interest in the entertainment industry and working with talent.  The following are a must; absolute attention to detail, ability to multi-task, self-starter with excellent communication skills.  Previous agency or management experience required. Excellent growth potential. Salary + Benefits. Please email talentmgmtasst2011@gmail.com with your resume and cover letter.
High level boutique commercial talent agency is seeking an agent assistant with desk experience. Candidate will support President and Head of endorsements/licensing. Experience in celebrity endorsements or marketing a big plus. This is not an entry level position. We are looking for someone with agency experience that we can grow. We are looking for someone who has the potential to be an agent. Please only apply if you have prior industry desk experience. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be an agent. Email resumes to bkline@iaala.com
Media Rights Capital (MRC) is seeking an assistant for the office of Co-CEOs Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu. This is a demanding position with growth opportunities for the right candidate. Must be detail oriented, comfortable with a high-pressure work environment and be proficient in handling assistant duties such as managing heavy phones and scheduling. Ideal candidate will have some relevant entertainment experience. Bachelors degree required. Please submit a resume and cover letter to recruiter@mrcstudios.com
Hollywood based talent management company seeks assistant to 2 managers. Previous industry experience and college degree required. Candidates must have a strong/friendly phone presence, excellent communication skills, be extremely detail oriented, and able to multi-task and prioritize. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to: phones, scheduling, office management, client submissions, research, booking travel, script coverage, etc. Please email cover letter and resume to talentasstneeded@gmail.com
Leading reality/game show production company has immediate opening for an Executive Assistant. This position will handle administrative duties for Executive Producer/President. The position will also assist the development team with research, presentations, sizzle reels, and projects as needed.  Candidates should have 1-2 years of experience in entertainment and/or supporting a busy executive/producer. College degree required.  Competitive salary commensurate with experience, excellent benefits package, and a great working environment. bparrish@stonetv.com
The Ant Farm Broadcast Department seeks a Producers Assistant with 1-2 years’ experience, a college degree and who is experienced, reliable self-starter for Producer.  Mac, Excel, Word and Entourage proficient.  Knowledge of the post production process, tape formats, budgets, storyboards, research and finishing required.  Must be able to work very long hours under pressure.  Send cover letter, resume and salary history:  jobs@theantfarm.net.  Must include in email subject line:  Job Code: PA/B-UTA
Seeking a full time Executive Assistant for the Executive Producer of a daily television talk show.  Looking for someone that is extremely organized, detail oriented, can manage others and always has a smile on their face. Fast pace work environment and long hours. Ideal candidates will have past experience as an assistant.  Experience in television is a plus.  Please send resumes to LCEPassistant@gmail.com
Shine International seeks a Sales Team Assistant. In addition to standard assistant duties, this position will be responsible for analyzing deals/agreements, tracking negotiations, and inputting closed deals into the company’s rights-manager software. The Executive Assistant must build and maintain relationships within the company and facilitate communications with colleagues in the US and the UK, as well as with clients from around the world.  Must speak French or Spanish. (Tri-lingual a plus.) Please email cover letter and resume to hr@reveillellc.com. Indicate job title in subject.
Seeking Executive Assistant to report directly to the Executive Producer of a daily television talk show. This is a fast paced, busy work environment. Must be able to manage others, work late nights, and early mornings on show days.  Ideal candidates will have past experience as an assistant.  Experience in television is a plus.  We need to fill this position immediately.  Please send resumes to LCEPassistant@gmail.com.
SU2C Production hiring assistant to two Producers and serves as a liaison to other departments.  Candidate should have the ability to multi-task with strong interest(s) in production, music, entertainment, marketing, and vanquishing cancer.  Job responsibilities include: phones, scheduling, media management, research, booking travel, expenses/accounting, and managing interns. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and some knowledge of  Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop- a plus. Send resumes to: jobs@standup2cancer.org
Growing Film/TV production company seeks an assistant/creative executive who has a strong background both creatively, and also in business. Agency experience preferred. A driven, highly-organized, self-starter who can work under pressure and maintain focus in a flexible environment is a must. Opportunities for growth within the company. Email resume and coverletters to: productionjob77@gmail.com
Award-winning film Producer / Director in Santa Monica looking for Executive Assistant.  Must have entertainment industry experience.  Should have an understanding of development, business affairs and production and be interested in an entrepreneurial environment.  Job requirements include office management, executive assistant duties, script development, production and post-production, and overseeing a small charitable foundation.  Understanding of Mac and web-hosting a plus. Submit resume to apply@stananddeliver.com
Top Below-the-Line Agency in Santa Monica seeks an assistant to the head of commercial department. Must have a strong phone presence and strong computer skills, including working w/Mac OS and MS Word.  This is a great opportunity for someone to have exposure to all aspects of the area of representation.  The ideal candidate would have a good understanding of production and would desire to work towards becoming an agent.  Looking to interview candidates this week.  Must love dogs! Email resumes to belowline@yahoo.com
Fashion oriented celebrity website is seeking a fulltime Writer/Editorial Assistant.  Looking for an employee to help develop stories based on current entertainment news, proofread articles, and search for photographs that bring engaging and fun articles to life. Position is entry-level with great benefits.  Offices located in West Hollywood.  Early schedule, 6am start time, Monday-Friday.  Email resume, cover letter, and relevant writing samples toAssistEditor2010@gmail.com
Top management company is seeking an experienced assistant for a partner/manager. Candidate must be able to work extremely well with high-profile clients in a fast paced environment and be able to handle a busy desk.  At least one year of agency/management desk experience preferred.  Looking for someone who is motivated for a career in talent management. Please send resume to: mgmtassist2011@gmail.com
A 2nd assistant position is opening up at a high level production company where the producer has a digital side of the company, but you will also have access to the film side of the company. The position requires rolling calls, heavy scheduling, process expenses, help with digital presentations and submissions, read scripts write notes, research and read the trades, update writers/directors/financier lists. Must be computer savvy (Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook; Filemaker Pro; knowledge of Adobe is a plus). Send resumes to assistant2@emjag.net
Film & music director is looking for a part-time assistant from now until the end of the year (approx. 20 hrs/wk). You will be expected to manage cast lists, do research, post tumblr updates, and organize the director’s work and schedule during the preproduction of a high profile music video. Experience with a 5D camera for documentation is a plus but we can train you if need be. Knowledge of modern art history is also a major plus. Please provide a brief, three sentence, description of yourself along with your resume. Email resumes in PDF format to: filmmusicasst2011@gmail.com
CEO at prominent film school is in search of an experienced Executive Assistant. Looking for a computer proficient, educated positive person with a great attitude. Must take on any and all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. This is a full-time, paid position. Please email resumes and cover letters tolshack@lafilm.com
COO/CFO of a studio-affiliated production/finance company is looking for an executive assistant. Candidates must be highly organized and detail oriented with an ability to maintain high levels of accuracy while handling multiple tasks.  Understanding of basic accounting concepts via education and/or experience is required. Duties include general office and mild accounting .  Experience with MAS 200 Accounting Software a plus.  Computer system literate – proficiency in the use of MS Word and Excel.  Please e-mail resume and cover-letter to assistant.financial@gmail.com
Boutique talent and literary management company seeks a full time, executive assistant for president of the company.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to: heavy phones, making travel arrangements, scheduling, arranging auditions, script reading, coverage and correspondence. Prefer candidate with interest in graduating to full time manager as promotion is guaranteed for the right person (if becoming a manager is not your goal, this is not the job for you).  Minimum of 1 year agency experience a must.  Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.  Please send cover letter and resume tomanagementasst123@yahoo.com
Executive Vice-President of a studio-affiliated production/finance company is looking for an executive assistant. Candidates must be motivated self-starters, love to read, and able to manage a busy desk including heavy phones, travel, scheduling, have a keen understanding and passion for the motion picture business, as well as extensive knowledge of screenwriters, directors, agents, producers and actors.  Please e-mail resume and cover-letter toassist.assistant@gmail.com
Management 360 is seeking an assistant for one of our talent partners. Ideal candidates have an excellent educational background and a minimum of one year paid desk experience at a talent agency or management company. Must have excellent skills (rolling calls, travel, client schedules, attention to detail, etc.) and have a strong desire to be a talent manager. If you do not meet all these qualifications, please do not apply. Send resumes as an attached pdf file tojobs@management360.com
Independent television/film/digital production company seeks experienced executive assistant to Head of Sales and our Head of Business Affairs.  The ideal candidate must have prior experience supporting senior level executives on the business side, including functional business areas such as Business Affairs, Sales, Finance, or Human Resources.   Candidates must have 1-2 years of experience as executive assistant to a senior executive(s) at agency/studio/network.  Compensation is commensurate with experience.  Please send resumes to careers@bermanbraun.com and write “Sales and Business Affairs Executive Assistant” in the subject line.
Telepictures Productions Inc. is seeking an Executive Assistant IV to provide administrative support to the President of the division. As part of executive offices, it is a very fast-paced production environment acting as liaison with Telepictures Productions executives to ascertain current status of various projects and on all division activities. Extensive executive assistant experience and Macintosh, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook required. Please submit your resume as an attachment and cover letter to wberecruitment@warnerbros.com
Film Financier (Beverly Hills) Personal Assistant wanted for a high profile film financier and family. Someone very organized, great researcher, knows calendaring, scheduling, making travel arrangements, and ambitious to be part of a growing, exciting company. Responsibilities include working out of a home office handling the estate, home life, family life, and social events for the family. Full time job, 9-6:00 PM with some flexibility. College degree. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume, cover letter, and pic for consideration to rsasst@rscfilms.com
A very busy TV producer and showrunner with a deal at a major studio seeks a part-time personal assistant.  This is for a go getter fresh out of college.  If you think you have too much experience to do something like this than you probably do.  You will have the opportunity to make some invaluable contacts and there is the possibility for this to turn into a full time position in the new year.  Please submit resumes and a brief cover letter totvproducerassist@gmail.com with the words Personal Assistant in the subject line.
The job will be M – F/9-5. You will be responsible for all the errands, shopping, and some driving. Creative person that has done events and a lot of gift buying, wrapping, and shipping. Must be good to help manage the house and petty cash. Great w/ excel and computer. Calendar skills are very important as you will be interfacing with the husband’s (producer/actor) office. Approximate 52K plus health insurance. You must be great w/ kids but there are nannies.jobs@thehelpcompany.com
Personal assistant needed for busy TV producer. Daily responsibilities include shopping for groceries, furniture, and gifts, property management, occasional clerical work. Part time, typically 20 hrs/week. Applications should be focused, thorough, detail oriented, and smart. Must be able to start immediately. Send resumes and references to assistant.job338@gmail.com
A-List Actor seeks first personal assistant. Duties include personal/work scheduling, handling errands, general multi-tasking and personal assistant duties. Must be able to tolerate a high demand of work and be willing to travel. Previous personal assistant experience is required, starting salary 35K: Please email resume as a PDF and cover letter to persassistant11@gmail.com
Top film and tv production company looking for a personal assistant for an A-list director. Candidates must be motivated, hard-working, responsible, resourceful, and an exceptional multi-tasker. Duties will include, but are not limited to, scheduling meetings, planning personal events, handling all aspects of travel, and other common tasks associated with being a personal assistant. Both a bachelor’s degree and valid passport are required. Email cover letter and resume to alistdirector@gmail.com
Looking for Personal Assistant to high profile individual. Previous experience and degree preferred. World-wide travel. Candidate will be creative, resourceful, positive, a go-getter, find no job too big or too small. Must have good communication skills, be able to complete projects in a timely manner. This position is for a personal assistant. Duties include errands such as organizing, shopping, packing for trips, mailing packages etc. Room for promotion. References required . Send resumes to: assistantpositionemail@gmail.com
Major talent agency is looking for an experienced, Manager to Director-level publicist (with knowledge of corporate PR preferred) to work alongside head of corporate communications. Candidate must have trade and business press experience, as well as minimum 5+ years working at PR agency, studio or network. Candidates should have top-notch written and oral communication skills, including ability to write press materials under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Growth potential. Position reports to head of corporate communications but will also interface with senior management. Competitive salary (commensurate with experience) and all customary benefits offered. Please fax resumes and cover letters to 310-205-5608. No calls please.
Small marketing and branding company within the entertainment industry with fortune 50 clients is looking to hire a high-powered office manager.  Job includes keeping the office and clients organized, interfacing with billing and staying on top of projects in progress.  We are looking for someone who is energetic, a good problem solver, multidimensional and professional.  3-5 years’ experience handling a high volume office required.  Experience with mac platforms and programs preferred.  Email a brief cover letter and resume to ask@protagonist.tv
Entertainment Fusion Group, EFG PR, a full service fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle PR Firm with offices in NY and LA is looking to hire an Account Supervisor/Senior Account Exec in Fashion/Beauty and Lifestyle in the LA office. Looking for long-term candidates who want to learn and grow with the agency. Qualifications: Minimum of 4 years experience in beauty/fashion/lifestyle PR; Excellent client management skills; Self-starter as well as a team player; Ability to perform within a fast-paced, multi-priority setting and a passion for the PR industry; Strong relationships across multi-media platforms. EFG PR offers a competitive salary and unlimited room for growth. Please email resumes to towens@efgpr.com
Entertainment Fusion Group, EFG PR, a full service fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle PR Firm with offices in NY and LA is looking to hire an Account Coordinator in Fashion/Beauty in the LA office.  Looking for long-term candidates who want to learn and grow with the agency. Qualifications include: Must have experience as an intern/assistant at a PR agency in Beauty/Fashion and/or Lifestyle; Client Relations Skills; Must be savvy in building and managing media lists/contact database; Thorough knowledge of fashion and entertainment industries; must be able to identify celebrities and fashion trends. Please email resumes to towens@efgpr.com
Hollywood based Advertising Agency/Production Company looking for a hardworking and dependable intern available at least 2-3 days a week. No pay but chance to advance and fun, educational working environment. Must be interested in film and television production as well as creative.  Qualified candidates will be brought in for interviews. Extra work days will be paid Adore Creative is an international advertising and creative services Agency. Great research and computer skills a plus. Please submit cover letter and resume to jobs@adorecreative.com.
Boutique Talent Management and Brand Marketing Company looking to immediately hire Marketing/Brand executives with an extensive rolodex of contacts and relationships in the brand world to sponsor A-List Celeb Events. Candidates should be extremely aggressive and have top-notch written and oral communication skills, including ability to pitch materials and secure deals. Depending on experience, your own office may be provided. Please send resume and cover letter to jobzlisitingla@gmail.com
REV New Media is seeking for two marketing interns to help out with day-to-day operations. This position will consist of involvement in all aspects of the business including: reaching out to online publications, social media networking, link exchanges, and more.  These positions will consist of working very closely with the CEO of the company. Position is unpaid, but hours are flexible (at least 16 hours per week) those hours must be between the hours of 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, M-F. College credit is provided. Send cover letters and resumes to press@revnewmedia.com
Partner at high-profile PR firm seeking coordinator.  Must have prior desk experience, is a quick-learner, self-starter, reliable, detail oriented, organized, great at multi-tasking and follow up.  Microsoft programs, good communication skills and common sense a must. Duties include phones, scheduling, handling client press kits, client requests, light pitching etc.  Office in West Hollywood.  Interested applicants please send resume/cover letter tocoordinatorprjob@gmail.com
Busy boutique PR Firm seeks organized, self-starter with excellent communication skills for the position of: Assistant to a Partner. This is not an entry level position; applicants must have Public Relations and administrative experience. Duties include maintaining schedules for A List clientele as well as that of a partner at the firm. Roll calls, research projects and contacts, provide general public relations and personal assistance support, where required. Bachelor’s degree and strong computer skills required. To submit your resume email: pr4assistant@aol.com
42West is seeking an assistant to the Deputy Head of Talent. Candidates must be extremely detailed, organized, possess a high level of initiative, and have the ability to multi-task and be resourceful.  Candidates with at least 1 year experience in entertainment will be considered.  Daily duties include: rolling calls, managing publicist’s calendar, servicing press clippings, updating press kits, booking hair and make-up, creating client travel and publicity schedules.  We are looking for someone who is willing to make at least a 1 year commitment.  Please email resume and cover letter toElizabeth.Cain@42West.net
B|W|R Public Relations is seeking an account executive for its Corporate/Lifestyle division.  Bachelor’s degree in PR, Communication or a related field required, and 2+ years’ experience preferred.  Must be able to work directly with clients, to execute campaign tactics on a daily basis, solicit stories, field media inquiries and track results.  Experience required in planning and participating in client events, from photo shoots to press conferences. Submit resumes to bwraeposition@gmail.com
Entertainment PR Firm seeks assistant with prior work experience. Must be extremely organized, self-motivator, prolific writing skills, and outgoing.  Must have paid experience in PR or as an assistant. Responsibilities will include assisting the partners of boutique Film PR agency with film festivals, premieres, press junkets and more. Heavy computer and internet work.  Room for advancement within in company. Please send salary requirements with resume tofilmpublicistjob@aol.com
PR and marketing firm specializing in emerging brands and entertainment is looking for responsible and dedicated interns to start immediately and gain valuable hands-on experience with media and the mechanics of PR campaigns and strategy. Credit-only interns who have an active interest in all forms of public relations and marketing, specifically social media and website design/management. Applicants must be a dedicated, reliable, articulate, and personable. Must be able to commit to at least 10-15 hours per week.  If interested, please send a resume and cover letter tospencer@workshopcollective.com
Entertainment marketing company seeks energetic, ambitious, self starter to join our team and learn the business.  Fast paced creative environment.  Responsibilities include project management, event production, research and administrative support. Successful candidate must be detail oriented, have strong communication skills, able to multitask and interface with clients and talent.  Superior organizational skills, Microsoft Office, Photoshop preferred.  West Hollywood location.  Email resume and cover letter toentmarketing8957@gmail.com
Nancy Seltzer & Associates entertainment public relations agency in Los Angeles seeks an intern. This person’s duties include, but are not limited to: scheduling, answering phones, working on various projects, updating lists, organization, client interface, helping with events and red carpets.  Excellent verbal and writing skills are a must. Must be, organized, able to multi-task and be computer literate. Internship is unpaid, though there is room to advance in the company. Please contact via email to agerson@nsapr.com
Network Music Reality Show seeks a PA to support the Music Department with preparing lyrics and sheet music, making reference CDs, reviewing cue sheets, researching writers/publishers, making runs and other assorted office duties. Candidate needs to be proficient with Macs, Word/Excel, iTunes, internet research and burning CDs.  5 days weeks (days vary / weekends included). Please send resume and cover letter to: musiclicensingjob@gmail.com
Unpaid Intern: Bulletproof Entertainment, run by one of the top music producers/supervisors in the motion picture and soundtrack industry, is in need of interns to assist with scanning, video editing, reachout, our CD library & iTunes database, record production, computer graphics, as well as some light office duties. Requirements: strong interest in music and film industries and strong proficiency with Mac/Apple software. Email resume and brief letter toapply@bulletproofentertainment.com
EQAL is a leading social media company that builds digital “influencer” networks around celebrities and brands.  The Department Coordinator will provide significant administrative support to the Chief Content Officer as well as other department executives.  Responsibilities include including managing calendars, answering emails, answering phones, filing, expense reports and managing travel.  Will also serve as a ‘utility player’ and complete special projects including: writing, copyediting, pitch deck design/development and project tracking. Bachelor’s Degree required.  Send resume and cover letter tomedianetworks-resume@eqal.com and specify you are applying for Dept Coordinator position.
Job opening for a Social Media Manager at a small TV production company.  Manage website, blog, and social media accounts. Mostly in-office but could have some telecommute hours as well.   We have two on-air television shows and more projects in the development stage.  Great opportunity to grow with the company and get plenty of experience.  Must take direction well, be tech-savvy and have excellent writing skills.  Please send cover letter, resume and writing sample to: jobs@inzaneentertainment.com
A very busy casting office working on three different studio movies simultaneously and located in Hollywood is seeking a smart, un-paid intern immediately.  Intern duties will include editing and uploading audition footage, sorting submissions, helping out with phones and other administrative and research tasks.  Experience with iMovie preferred and knowledge of CastIt is a plus.  Must have your own laptop computer.  The internship is for college credit i.e. only students will be accepted. This is a great learning experience for someone who wants to get into casting after college.  Send cover letter / resume to nysmcasting@gmail.com
Demo/McCarthy Casting seeks casting interns to work on a feature film starting immediately. Tasks include phones, sorting submissions, scheduling appointments and general office support. A great way to break into and learn about casting. Flexible days/hours, college credit available. Please email resumes to demomccarthy@gmail.com
NON-LA POSITIONS (All Locations/All Positions)
Dimension Films is seeking an assistant in production/development in the New York office. This is a highly demanding position with plenty of opportunity for advancement. Must be dedicated, focused and proficient in handling assistant tasks – phones, scheduling, etc. Ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of relevant experience. Knowledge of script coverage a must.  Bachelors degree required. Please submit a resume and cover letter todimensionfilms4@gmail.com
Scott Rudin Productions is looking for an NYC-based assistant in Scott Rudin’s office. Ideal candidates will need to be intelligent, driven, organized, and thick-skinned. This is not an entry-level position.  To be considered you must have at least a year of assistant experience in film, theatre, television or in an agency. Must know standard industry phone etiquette, have some knowledge of Broadway theatre and be very familiar with the film/tv industry power-players including writers, directors, talent and agents. Please send resume and cover letter to: srpjobsny@gmail.com
Busy NY PR Department at cable network seeks a temp assistant who will complete 200+ Emmy entries, collect support materials and book nominee travel and accommodations for various high profile award ceremonies.  Candidate should be computer literate, detail oriented with strong communication skills and professional email etiquette.  Two years entertainment experience is mandatory. Responsibilities include heavy data entry, airfare, car and hotel bookings.  Email resume and cover letter to: Katherine.meyer@showtime.net
NY based film production company seeking Production Finance / Physical Production Coordinator. Should be self-motivated, with strong organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills. Strong verbal and written communication with ability to work extended hours during peak periods.
Necessary Experience: Coding, logging and processing check requests, wires and invoices. 1-2 years feature film/ TV accounting experience. 1-2 years assisting an executive. Bachelor’s Degree and proficient in Excel. Please E-Mail resumes to greattopassistant@gmail.com
New York based film production company is seeking a seasoned assistant for a top level executive. Candidates should have a keen interest in the entertainment business, an awareness of the key players and companies, and the requisite skill set of an experienced assistant.  The position is demanding and requires long hours and occasional travel. Please send resumes to greattopassistant@gmail.com
Constellation, an online movie theater channel with offices in NYC, launching in November, is seeking dedicated fall interns to assist in areas including film research, PR/marketing, and social media. Interns will be exposed to a dynamic startup environment and will learn about the changing landscape of film distribution on the front lines.  Seeking students who are well-organized, personable, ambitious, have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in social media platforms.  Send resume and cover letter to: contact@constellation.tv
Fast paced, high profile production company seeking hard working, resourceful general office assistant. Must be able to handle heavy call volume, operate with a polite demeanor, and have own car. Responsibilities will include – but are not limited to, – receptionist responsibilities, script coverage, runs, filing, personal errands for principals, and general office support. Candidates with desk, production, or high volume office experience will be considered first. Please send resume and two references with contact information to: prodofficeasst@gmail.com.
Santa Monica Production/Distribution company seeks full time Front Office Receptionist.  Candidate must be outgoing and energetic with a positive attitude and excellent phone etiquette.  Position will include, but not limited to, answering phones, greeting visitors, managing all aspects of company mail and shipping as well as other various clerical duties. Salary: $500+ a week.  Medical after 90 days probation.  Please email cover letter and resume to:90404.accts@gmail.com
Part-Time bookkeeper needed for boutique Talent Management and Development Company.  Must have prior industry experience.  Must be highly organized and detail oriented. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Possibility for full time position. Email:lmg@lanemanagement.com
INTERNSHIPS (Film & Television)
Benderspink is seeking highly motivated candidates for an unpaid internship to start immediately for a 3 month minimum commitment. Interns will receive first hand exposure into the day-to-day operations of a leading production management firm. Duties include: script reading & coverage, executing daily office tasks, and covering assistant desks and reception. In addition, interns will participate in weekly idea pitch meetings with company associates. Interested applicants should send resumé and cover letter to benderspink1@gmail.com.
Film/ TV/ Commercial Production Company at Paramount seeks a creative intern.  Must be available at least two days a week and ideal candidates will possess knowledge of Photoshop and other graphic design programs and a tenacity for reading scripts.  Candidate must supply his/her own laptop.  We have two films in post production two more in pre-production.  Position is unpaid, but college credit is available.   Send cover letter and resume todtish@envisionma.com with “Office Internship” in subject line.
Red Hour Films is looking for qualified and eager interns. Duties will include reading scripts, answering phones, running errands and providing overall support to executives and assistants. Candidates should have experience with script coverage, have knowledge of the comedy/film world, and be willing to learn. Unpaid but college credit is available. Please email resume, cover letter, and sample script coverage to internships@redhourfilms.com
Small World IFT, a boutique international television company, is seeking interns to start immediately in its Hollywood office. Must be smart, hard-working and highly motivated, and should have an interest in both international television distribution and creative development.  Candidates with strong writing and researching skills a plus.  Interns should be prepared to commit 2-3 days per week for this unpaid internship (college credit can be provided).  Candidates must have car and personal laptop.  Please email cover letter and resume to: morgankrajewskI@smallworldift.com
A-List director seeking interns. Must be thick skinned, organized, work  well under pressure, and be extremely detail oriented. Looking for multi-taskers who are computer savvy and have exceptional communication skills.  Open availability and reliable transportation are a must. This is an unpaid internship; only includes reimbursement for gas and expenses. If interested please e-mail resumes to: build.application@gmail.com
Red Granite Pictures is looking for enthusiastic, hard working interns to start immediately. Responsibilities include answering phones as needed, script reading/coverage, research, assisting executives and assistants, errands, and/or general office needs. Excellent communication and organizational skills required. We are looking for interns who can commit to 2 or more days/week in our Hollywood office. Please email resumes toinfo@redgranitepictures.com. Non-paid internship – college credit only.
American Work, Inc. is writer/producer Scot Armstrong’ s production company. We have a first look producing deal with NBC Universal and have features in development at Paramount and Sony. We are looking for interns to both help out around the office and also assist creatively. This includes answering phones, photo copies, reading scripts, helping out with writers/directors lists, etc.   We are a small production company and work as a team, so it is a great opportunity for the right person. Please email resumes to mm@americanworkinc.com
La Minitura Kids seeks qualified interns to assist Sales and Production. Previous experiences is preferred but not required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the Apparel Industry. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and in a great environment. Microsoft Office software is mandatory. The ideal candidate is a student that can work 3-5 days a week. This position is unpaid but will be given school credit if a student. Please send resumes to LaMinInternship@gmail.com
Two television producers at NBC/Universal are seeking highly motivated interns to begin 11/14. The position will consist of involvement in all aspects of the business including script reading/coverage, research, phones, distribution and desk coverage. Position is unpaid but hours are flexible (16 hours per week) and college credit is provided. Applicants should possess strong communications skills, a desire to learn and a passion for scripted television. Please send cover letters and resumes to pttdintern@gmail.com
Seeking Interns for Elevate Entertainment; Management / Production company based in Los Angeles (Century City). Job responsibilities entail overall office upkeep, answering phones, interacting with casting offices and clients, and script coverage. Candidates should be interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Interns must be reliable, thick skinned, punctual, work well under pressure and be proficient with both MAC and PC. Knowledge of MS Office a must.  Please email resume and cover letter to: elevateasst@gmail.com
Seeking a driven and efficient management intern for a bi-coastal boutique talent management and production company. Candidate must be articulate, personable, and able to multitask, as you will assist four managers, in addition to liaising with our New York office. Duties include: answering phones, general office duties, scheduling meetings, occasionally driving clients to auditions, script coverage, and assisting with talent management. This is an unpaid internship.  Please send all resumes to: intern.job.opening@gmail.com
A Santa Monica-based television and film Production Company with a first-look studio film deal is looking for smart, hard-working interns to read scripts, write coverage, and assist with day-to-day duties. Position is unpaid, but hours are flexible (approx. 2 days/week) and college credit is provided. Candidates should have professional manner, strong work ethic, and positive attitude. If interested, please contact: nicole.blume@josephsonent.com
Boutique Talent Management Company with A-list clients seeking eager interns to start immediately. Must be able to handle heavy phones and other administrative duties.  Candidate should be motivated, professional, organized, and computer literate. Interest in talent management is a plus.  Please send cover letter and resume to Shannon@managementsac.com
Echo Lake Entertainment, an independent production company and film financier with a management division, is seeking interns to work in their Beverly Hills office. Looking for an intern to start immediately.  Interns should be prepared to commit 2/3 days per week for 3 months for this unpaid internship. Resumes and cover letters can be emailed to contact@echolakeproductions.com
REV New Media is seeking for two production interns to help out with day-to-day operations. This position will consist of involvement in all aspects of the business including: screening and logging tapes, research, delivery to other production companies, assisting in production coordination, attending celebrity events, and more. You must live in Los Angeles or a very short commute away. Position is unpaid, but hours are flexible (at least 16 hours per week) those hours must be between the hours of 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, M – F. College credit is provided. Send cover letters / resumes topress@revnewmedia.com
Venice-based Literary and Talent Management company seeks interns to start immediately.  Interns will get to be hands on and are encouraged to ask questions and contribute creatively.  Responsibilities include: clerical support, phones, script coverage, and research. Candidates should have strong interest in feature and television development and should be receiving school credit.  Unpaid. Please send resumes and cover letters toTheBlackBoxGuys@gmail.com
Office of a Feature Director seeking intern while in prep for Major Fox Picture. To start immediately – Mid November possibly longer (TBD) Must have own car (will reimburse mileage) and personal laptop.  Offices are on The Lot in West Hollywood.  Please contact Luke: lukezf@gmail.com   10/21
GreeneStreet Films is looking for development interns in our Beverly Hills office. Job will entail coverage of scripts and manuscripts, notes on projects currently in development, research and general office assistance. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be a writer or learn the business. Must like dogs.  Please send resumes to gstreetintern11@gmail.com.  This is an unpaid position.
A-list record label and management company in Beverly Hills seeks a bright, motivated intern to help with administrative tasks. Duties include phones, helping with promotional mailings, coordinating travel, organizing information, and other duties as assigned. Previous desk experience preferred but not required. Candidates must be able to receive school credit as the position is unpaid. E-mail cover letter and resume to thecollectiveintern@gmail.com
Talent-based feature production company with a focus on comedy is currently seeking reliable interns with an interest in writing, development and production. Responsibilities include script coverage, phones, office management, project research, and occasional runs. This is a non-paid internship. College credit necessary. Ideally looking for 2-3 day/week commitment. Please email resumes and cover letters with your availability to:internapp1@gmail.com
Television and feature production company helmed by prominent director seeking readers for script coverage. No pay but credit available. Please send resumes to incahootsprod2@gmail.com
A busy West Hollywood based film financier and production company require a part time intern immediately. Duties include office work and script coverage. Candidates should be enthusiastic, computer literate and detail-oriented. This is a great opportunity to learn and see how independent films are financed.  Position is unpaid, candidates must have script coverage experience. Please email cover letters, availability and resumes to:   Receptionusa@futurefilmgroup.com
The Walt Becker Company, an independent film and television production shingle, is seeking interns for the fall semester. Position is unpaid and consists of heavy script reading/coverage, phones, office management, and occasional runs (though a car is not required).  Interns get a chance to cover desks as well as work directly with development executives.  A great opportunity to see the inner workings of a small but active production company.  Please send resumes and a short cover letter to beckerintern@gmail.com
Boutique talent management company seeks organized, upbeat and well-read interns to start immediately. Duties include but are not limited to maintaining office organization, updating client lists, script coverage, creating database management, and some filing. Experience with script coverage and an interest in management a plus but not required. Must be able to multi-task. Please send resume and cover letter to tlntmgmtintern@gmail.com
Busy actor/producer based Production Company on the Sony lot is currently seeking interns.  Looking for hardworking and bright students to assist with all aspects of company functions including development (reading, coverage, and research), general office tasks (answering phones, maintaining script database). Mileage and lunch paid for. School credit required.  Please email materialintern@gmail.com with resumes.
A full service film production company is seeking a highly motivated intern. The position will consist of everything from reading scripts and writing coverage to helping the staff prepare for meetings and sometimes covering desks.  There is a lot of opportunity to learn everything about the film production process from the ground up.  Candidates must be able to multi-task, learn quickly and perform tasks in a positive and expedited manor.  Strong communication skills required.  The position is unpaid, but gas will be reimbursed.  Please send resume to praymondla@gmail.com
Independent television/feature/new media production company in Los Angeles seeks office interns to start immediately. Applicants must be able to receive school credit.  Required availability is two days per week, M-F 10AM-6PM. Duties will include general office tasks, conducting research for projects in development, light errands, and providing creative input. Applicants should be proficient with Mac computers and have their own laptops to bring to the office.  Please send cover letters and resumes as attachments to christine@hypomaniacontent.com
Village Roadshow Pictures Entertainment is seeking conscientious and enthusiastic interns to support our Production department.  Interns will also be exposed to Marketing, Distribution and other divisions of the company.  This internship is designed to prepare interns to enter the Entertainment Industry workforce, and is focused on teaching script coverage and analysis, film awareness as well as general office duties.  Please send all resumes tovrpeinternship@gmail.com
Film/TV producer seeks intern to handle office duties Tuesdays and Thursdays. Duties include phones, scheduling meetings, handle calendar, travel booking, etc.  Must be proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Excel and word.  Please be organized, professional and trustworthy individual who is eager to participate in development and production.  This internship can apply towards college credit. If interested please send resume to: epulella@gmail.com
Millennium Films is looking for development interns in our main office off Wilshire Blvd. Job will entail coverage of scripts and manuscripts, notes on projects currently in development, research and general office assistance. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn the business. This is an unpaid position.  School credit necessary.  Please email millenniumfilmsintern@gmail.com
Award winning agency and production company is seeking 2 interns to work with an award-winning costume designer and stylist on a television promo shoot.  This is a great opportunity.  Candidate must be professional, motivated, flexible.  Basic experience in fashion world a plus.  Non-paid internship starts immediately and will continue on to October, 22 2011.  Please send brief email why you would be perfect and your resume in the body of an email toproduction3@bpg.tv
Worldwide film production, finance and sales company based in West Hollywood seeks interns interested in learning about global theatrical marketplace.  Focus is on presales, financing, and festivals.  Part-time and full-time welcome.  Business school students encouraged to apply. Should be Mac capable and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office. Must be receiving credit.  Send resume to internships@essential-ent.com.
Fluent Entertainment, a Beverly Hills based international film production/financing Company aligned with a major studio, has a part-time internship position available (1-3 days/week). Ideal candidate should be interested in the international film marketplace, researching, culling and learning individual territory trends, talent, information and data. Must be computer and excel literate and language skills would be helpful. Please forward cover letter and resume to:  info@fluent-ent.com
Frederic Golchan Productions, associated with Radar Pictures, is searching for a development/office intern.  This is a great hands on experience as you will be working directly with Mr. Golchan.  You will work on specific projects as well as coverage, rolling calls, scheduling, etc.  College credit is available.  Lunch/parking is paid/reimbursed.  Must commit 2-3 days a week.  Email resume and cover letter to asstgolchan@gmail.com and fgfilm@aol.com
Frederic Golchan Productions, associated with Radar Pictures, is searching for a Mandarin Chinese speaking development/office intern.  You will work on specific projects, as well as coverage, rolling calls, scheduling, etc.  You will work directly with Mr. Golchan.  Specific projects are compensated and college credit is available.  Lunch/parking is paid/reimbursed.  Must commit 2-3 days a week.  Email resume and cover letter to asstgolchan@gmail.com andfgfilm@aol.com
Boutique law firm, which offers comprehensive legal services. Excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the legal ins-and-outs of the entertainment industry or business transactions. In search of bright, enthusiastic, reliable law or college students, who are eager to learn and are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment law. Good organization skills, attention to detail, high computer proficiency. Please send resume and cover letter to entlawjob1@gmail.com
A busy independent production company seeks an in house Creative Development Intern to assist with our day to day development and operational needs.  Applicants must have transportation to and from West Hollywood. We provide great references upon successful completion.  We are seeking thick-skinned interns who can multi-task and take initiative in chaotic situations!  Send resumes to opportunities@eclecticpictures.com
Point Grey Pictures, which released its first film this fall to critical acclaim, is seeking one intern in a fast-paced and open working environment. Position is unpaid but with several projects in development, our intern will be involved with every aspect. Duties include administrative tasks, covering scripts and assisting executives. Applicants best suited will have a strong work ethic, knowledge of film & tv, proficiency with Word & Excel and most importantly, a positive attitude. Prior experience is not necessary, though liking dogs and having your own transportation is. Submit cover letter and resume topointgreypictures@gmail.com
Talent management company is looking for a new intern. The company manages actors, writers and directors in film and television and develops features and TV series.  Opportunity for advancement for somebody interested in representation. Must have college degree or be currently enrolled. E-mail cover letter and resume to internforsei@gmail.com
Talent Agency Film/TV, Literary, Print, Voice Over & Commercial Divisions seek College Interns for School Credit. Ideal for Communications/Marketing/Film/Business & Television majors. Will work closely with Agency reps, resume must be text only and inside email, not attachment. Please send resumes to info@affinityartists.com and title your email Film/Tv/Commercials Agency Intern (your name)(your city)(your phones).
Boutique Agency looking for interns who have interned in an agency or management company before. Must know phones, computers, have knowledge of the industry and be great with people skills. Please send your resumes to agencyintern8981@gmail.com


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