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Welcome to ¿eX-whY? AdVentures
¿eX-whY? AdVenture is a Full-Service consumer specialist advertising agency with expertise in Strategic Planning, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations,Promotions, Direct Mail, Fundraising, Telemarketing, Business Development, Web Development, and Internet Marketing.
We specialize in advertising, strategic planning, promotions and marketing targeting the hard to reach, but extremely lucrative, X-Y generation, “tweens”, teens, alternative lifestyle, multicultural urban and suburban youth markets using Hip Hop culture, it’s sound, it’s fashion, it’s speak, it’s bravado, it’s image, it’s way, as the vehicle to create specialized high impact multi-platform campaigns for growth products and companies that also want to capture the Baby Boomer market.
We are a unique communications firm that develops superior creative strategies for integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns to link brand and retail strategies targeting multi ethnic markets that are performance-driven and results-oriented that will establish your new brand positioning, enhance your corporate image, provide you with high impact visuals to increase your product recognition, increase sales and profits.
We have registered the services of sports, music and entertainment’s elite artists, producers, directors, writers, choreographers, dancers, graff artist, B-boys, photographers, actors, models, and professional athletes to participate in this ¿eX-whY? AdVenture.
We custom design, write, direct, produce, perform and provide all talent for the motion picture or television project, stage play, concert, broadcast entertainment entertainment or sports event, commercial ads, film trailers, soundtracks, the jingle, voice overs, and all promotions associated with the product, from concept, to creation, to production, to placement in media, the entire process!!!.
As you can tell from our roster of talent, we have a unique advantage over the market. With the growing popularity of “film and music video-style” commercials, we have found that marketers and advertisers value our ability to call in seasoned, serious talent from the sports, music, entertainment, film and television industries to add depth and quality to performances in film, television and commercials and at events. More than two decades of feature film, television and commercial experience has provided us with strong relationships with agents, managers and talent which helps us to find the necessary talent to forge innovative, creative and one-of-a-kind artistic product.
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We believe – better ideas get better results- viewers experience our concepts and Branding Philosophy, and if you can dream it up, we can make it happen! Anything and everything is possible with our team!!!
A major strength of ¿eX-whY? AdVentures Branding Philosophy reflects our global mindset with the ability to counsel clients on local to international trends, traditions and cultural sensitivities. When determining what influences consumer perceptions and buying behavior, we factor in how cultural background shapes consumers’ interpretation of what they see, feel, believe and act.
In the United States, companies frequently overlook multicultural issues when marketing their products and services, and they depict their audiences segment only by gender, age, income, education, geography, etc.
Recognizing we all live in a diverse society, ¿eX-whY? AdVentures identifies the individual ethnic and social group to detail a genre/product specific campaign in the African-American, Hispanic, majority interest X-Y generation, “tweens”, teens, alternative lifestyle, multi-cultural youth, markets under a single umbrella. We brand in these markets to reach ethnic consumers through a wide range of programs, including media relations, sponsorship support, community relations and event marketing.
The Importance:
The U.S. census revealed that African American and Hispanic buying power combined now represents more than a trillion dollars! The Hispanic population grew nearly 60 percent in the 1990s while non-Hispanics grew 9 percent in number. Families are bigger–71 percent of Hispanic families and 66 percent of African-American families include children compared to 48 percent of all other families. If you’re not talking to ethnic consumers in Los Angeles you’re only talking to 39 percent of the population–or 36 percent of the population in Miami, 48 percent in Houston. While advertising expenditures shrink in the general market, they’re growing in Hispanic and African-American markets. While mainstream media consolidates, ethnic media is expanding. New television and cable networks are being launched in the Hispanic market and new magazines in the African-American market. Fresh relationships are being formed, and the media giants are expanding their reach by acquiring ethnic media outlets, e.g., BET by Viacom, Telemundo by NBC.
More recently, in July 2003, Interep Research released a comprehensive research report entitled “The Hip-hop Lifestyle”. The report profiles the growth of the hip-hop genre in the US, and its growing influence on America’s youth market.
According to the report, hip-hop has emerged as a powerful force in the youth market, crossing ethnic, economic, suburban and urban borders. Clothing styles, athletic shoes, electronics and entertainment have all felt its influence.
The Report Highlights:
**Rap/Hip-hop sold over 84 million records in 2002. It has replaced “Pop” as the #2 most popular selling music. (Soundscan)
**Hip-hop is the fastest growing radio format. In 1993, only 6 US stations played primarily Rap/Hip Hop. Today, over 150 play primarily hip-hop.
**Since 1999, the audience for hip-hop radio stations among 18-34 year olds has doubled, from an 8% share to a 17.5% share (AQH) in 2002. (Arbitron Black Radio Today, 2003)
**There is now a top-rated hip-hop station in each of the top 11 radio markets.
**The format has huge youth appeal – the median age of the hip-hop radio listener is 26.2 years: 25% are 12-17, 25% are 18-24, 22% are 25-34 (Arbitron/Top 10 metros)
**Gender split is 54% female/ 46% male (Arbitron, Top 10 metros)
**Ethnic Composition is 46% Black, 25% Hispanic, 29% Other* (Arbitron/Top 10 metros)
[* including non-Hispanic white]
**3 out of 5 listeners have attended some college or more; 1 out of 2 listeners have household incomes $50,000+; 4 out of 5 work full or part-time. (Scarborough, A18+)
What does this mean for companies in today’s domestic marketplace? We believe it means that without ¿eX-whY? AdVentures to reach all your consumers–especially the growing segments mentioned above–you’re missing an opportunity. We understand what motivates these consumers’ purchases, how it differs from mainstream buying behavior, why it differs and how we reach them in a relevant way. For example, we know that multi-cultural youth consumers are buying homes at a faster rate, using credit cards and banking services at a lower rate, and watching and playing different sports.
At ¿eX-whY?, we can help you understand how your company’s interests relate to multi-cultural youth consumers. We know how to reach and influence them. We create appropriate messages familiar to your target audiences. And we will guide you to understand the diverse and special characteristics of the multi-cultural markets you wish to attract.
Entertainment and Sports Event Marketing.
Entertainment, sports and event sponsorship is more than just attaching a company name to an event … it’s a hit or miss opportunity to build consumer relationships on a different playing field. ¿eX-whY? will score your brands messages with creative, strategic planning and smart implementation of that plan in the selected market.
Our company-wide network of talented professionals brings experience in event management, Entertainment and Sports Marketing, PR, and brand marketing, providing clients with a unified approach worldwide. We have experience in many sporting categories including the NFL Super Bowl among others.
Entertainment and sports and event marketing has recently exploded into a highly competitive, $30 billion a year industry. Our “Super Star Endorser/Sponsor” participation provides clients with first-class sports credentials, contacts and expertise from around the world, enabling us to develop and leverage winning sports and sponsorship programs that can provide invaluable exposure and raise the “Star”quotient of the company thru the roof!!.

Our clients are in competitive situations every day. ¿eX-whY? works to develop, results-oriented programs that score measurable return on their entertainment and sports marketing and sponsorship investment.
The game plan involves our exclusive three-tier strategy to entertainment and sports marketing:
¿eX-whY? helps clients:
** Select the highest-value sponsorships through research of property and category competition,
** Maximize benefits of contract,
** Identify, select and coach spokespeople,
** Define and measure success using methods from ad dollar analysis to consumer impressions,
¿eX-whY? works with clients to develop a strategic public relations plan that leverages every opportunity surrounding a sponsorship. Among our capabilities:
** Developing communications programs,
** Building a grassroots outreach program, which ties the corporate sponsor to the community and provides long-term residual effects,
** Creating compelling media guides and collateral materials.
¿eX-whY? utilizes the latest technology in providing advance, on-site and post-media support for our client’s sponsorships, events and ongoing public relations programs. Our roster of skills includes:
** Generating high-impact media attention – understanding that clients seek both non-entertainment/sports/lifestyle coverage in addition to traditional entertainment and sports,
** Providing credentials and press room operations at events,
** Coaching professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and corporate executives about how to respond to media with positive messages endorsing the sponsor,
** Developing crises preparedness plans,
Creating and implementing strategic and hard-hitting programs for new product launches and promoting existing products and services with both trade and consumer media.
Entertainment, Pro Sports and Celebrity-driven magazine covers, record-breaking box office receipts and the consolidation of “old” and “new” media companies all point to one thing – entertainment and sports are the center of today’s global popular culture.
Emphasizing this point, brand marketers are increasingly looking to the world of entertainment and sports to help reach their consumer base and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s promotional partnerships with television programs, films, sporting events, -recording artists, sports superstars, or celebrities-, entertainment and sports marketing has also become the latest industry buzzword and a “Must Have!!!” for media/market mix.
Although the thought of working with “Hollywood and Park Avenue” can be exciting, the keys to success are not about striking an entertainment or sports alliance just for the sake of a studio pass. Success must be based on entertainment and sports partnerships that complement a brand’s essence and have a meaningful impact on the bottom line. To form these successful marketing partnerships, it is vitally important to have a keen understanding of the world of entertainment and sports.
With expert staff help our clients navigate through this world to create and implement successful marketing partnerships. By brokering impactful television and film product placement, strategic entertainment and sporting events and cross-promotions, and relevant celebrity endorsement deals. We provide platforms for our clients to conduct successful public relations, advertising, digital and retail promotion programs.

As the media and technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve, traditional methods of marketing brands, products and services will begin to blur and fade away. Entertainment and sports properties, however, will be a constant and increasingly important medium in which to infiltrate popular culture and communicate key brand messages.
At ¿eX-whY? we understand and embrace this fact. And it’s our goal to help our clients do the same. To illustrate this point, notice the trend in advertising using Hip Hop artist and pro athletes in most of the more popular and successful ads being run today.
For instance K Mart began a campaign to bring shoppers to the stores with the launch of a radio and television campaign targeting African-Americans and Latinos with ads featuring music from artists like Chaka Khan, BeBe Winans, and Jose Feliciano.
K Mart hoped the campaign would help create a “multicultural marketplace” that represents a “crucial element” in the stores growth. The company has found that 32% of its consumers are blacks and Latinos.
The Winans went out on tour thanks to Daimler Chrysler. The Gospel family didn’t necessarily drive the streets in 300Ms or PT Cruisers, but rather, the car company sponsored their tour “Together We Stand”.
Nike has boarded the Mothership and brought along Vince Carter and Jerry Stackhouse to head their basketball team “The Rayguns,” (with teammates Baron Davis, Jermaine O’Neal and Paul Pierce completing the squad). This ad is a continuation of Vince Carter’s Rucker Park commercial, where Dr. Funk (Carter’s 1975 Nike alter-ego) gets sick on New York’s famed playground court.
Then there’s Shaq’s “Shaft” ad for Burger King, which follows-up the earlier BK commercial where he walks from the parking lot to the counter, taking on the fashion of the past four decades in the process.
Reebok counters Nike funk blitz with a slew of hip hop ads pairing ballers with MCs. Hype Williams directed the Allen Iverson/Jadakiss spot, and Scarface spits rhymes alongside Houston’s Steve Francis. There is the Missy Elliott-Venus Williams ad-but it only airs during tennis matches. “And1” had a Kevin Garnett ad featuring rapper Styles rhyming about him over a Timbaland track.
Hip Hop still reigns supreme on Madison Ave…just ask Doug E. Fresh. His voice bobs the heads of Carter, Mia Hamm, and Derek Jeter in a Nike ad. His beer spot features people singing “La-Di-Da-Di.”
Even milk’s “Got Milk” campaign has gone street-with their new “Wanna Grow” ads featuring basketball players in various situations that relay just how tall milk has made them. And let’s not forget about Dr. Dre’s new Coors ad, as he sits in the back of a darkened, first class cabin listening to beats-long after everyone else is asleep.
In a Mitsubishi Eclipse ad, we’re reminded of that “Seinfeld” episode where Elaine danced at her office party and ended up the laughing stock of the company. At least Elaine knew she was challenged in this area. This girl has no clue. Shabba Doo is somewhere shaking his head.
All of the above commercials ran during the NBA playoffs and were just as entertaining as the games.
Elektra recording artist Tweet, and Verizon Wireless made beautiful music together as Tweet was chosen to participate in a national commercial promoting FREEUP, the better way to prepay from Verizon Wireless. The campaign included national television, radio and print advertising. Print ads were featured in magazines like Teen People, Seventeen, Teen, Cosmo Girl, VIBE, Rolling Stone and others.
It is the power of partnerships like these that have allowed ¿eX-whY ? to create synergies and build business opportunities for our clients. These companies have recognized the power of strategic partnerships and business building value, as it relates to marketing to the emerging ethnic majorities, particularly African American and Hispanic consumers. By working with ¿eX-whY?, these companies build business through a successful cross-promotions targeted to the urban market.
¿eX-whY? AdVentures corporate partners highly regard their target audience approach because of our proven, savvy marketing techniques. ¿eX-whY?’s quick-cut, fun, Hip Hop generation approach to the market has been successful and appeals to the young consumers, well-positioned marketers and entrepreneurs that success attracts. We are the trendsetters and influencers of the market, and one of the most respected new corporate marketing firms. We perfectly represent the enertia of the leading growth factors in advertising, marketing, promotions, sales and retailing. ¿eX-whY? captures the look, feel, energy, and attitude of hip hop culture. In representing their culture, “Realism” is the rule, allowing us to use the Cache of “Street Cred(ibility) in an authentic, real-world style and top it with a hip-hop music soundtrack. Communicating that “special brand value” is something we have mastered and will continue to benefit of our clients.
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