Corporate Branding

Branding Strategy    ¿eX-whY? AdVenture’s Brand strategy is the business of developing brands based on thorough marketing knowledge and insight. It is an expression of business direction and seamless communication of the brand’s invaluable messages across all  media formats, from print to digital to broadcast, to enhance awareness, impact, and establish market equity of the brand.
¿eX-whY? AdVenture’s capabilities are wide-ranging, but centered on getting the greatest productivity from your corporate brand — on ensuring your brand works its hardest on your company’s behalf.
We are brand strategists. Our long-term strategies are based on superior insight into brand Brand Believedynamics: the brand composition, who it affects and how it affects them, its inherent strengths and weaknesses, barriers and opportunities.  We take you to the next level. Our approach to corporate branding is to create superior  brand intelligence using the basic principals of intelligence, strategy, communications and management. Through our demonstration of brand power, it becomes an invaluable corporate asset, providing a broader perspective — a higher level of intelligence — to brand dynamics
Corporate brands have power. Real power. Power you can’t afford not to understand and tap. Our firm specializes in helping companies understand, design, and leverage the essence of their corporate brands. A successful brand creates a powerful, memorable image that transcends trends. We capture this image of your company’s brand then convey its strengths and personality through advertising, marketing and promotions.
From this process we “grow” companies, products and services into powerful brands reflecting your company vision, goal and core values as well as brand personality.
Your strategic plan expresses the visual imagery of the brand, incorporating the color taste, feel, scent, sound, name, shapes, and empowerment that your company and product inspire. Grounded in intelligence and driven by superior achievement, the strategy is a finely tuned, precision instrument that guides all expressions of the brand.
Intelligence is paramount and the basis from which everything is spawned. It provides the foundation for brand strategy and it drives our relationships with clients. We are committed to bringing the highest level of understanding and insight to the brand.
Our immense understanding of the confluence of Hip Hop Culture and mainstream America  promotes the dynamic interplay of unbridled superior marketing and promotional ideas. Our embracing the essence of this culture embodies the vitality of collaborative creativity and freedom of expression necessary in every successful venture.
Brand Value
Where are you now?
Establish a baseline by determining how employees and customers perceive the brand today. One-on-one interviews and research with your internal and external audiences including focus group sessions if necessary.
Where do you want to be?
Chart your course by establishing an authentic, achievable brand personality. A proven, interactive session with a select internal group that results in a brand personality statement and brand vision that will form the cornerstone of your branding program.
Turn employees and management into brand evangelists by helping everyone understand the vision and their role in it. An in-depth orientation with sessions ingraining the importance of Value Brand Culturebrand, and outlining their part in the process and its success.
Define the ideal customer experience as well as to develop guidelines to help your company deliver it and to initiate and oversee a branding process for your company.


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