Co-Host Shemar Moore!!!, The Oakland Stroke

TO:    Selected Personalities 
FROM:  Abdul-Jalil

 Co-Host Shemar Moore!!!

  Yes, that’s right, a chance for some qualified female to co-host with Shemar Moore!!! On the evening of Saturday September 30, 2000, Emmy award winning actor Shemar Moore will host a scholarship awards dinner in San Jose, California, featuring music by Ricardo Scales. 
  This will be the 6th annual event sponsored by one of the nations most revered non-profit community services organizations. The entertainment director is spanning the globe in search of a female co-host that has the capability to accentuate the extraordinary talents of Shemar. 
  The ideal female applicant should posse ALL of the following qualities: 
sophistication, class, poise, beauty, elegance, experience, with the ability to articulate in a professional manner. 
  Moreover, there is also opportunities for additional entertainment to perform on this year’s program. This event will have extensive television, radio and internet marketing and promotions as well as coverage. 
  All interested parties should call contact us at SUPERSTAR MANAGEMENT or send bios, photos, video tape, DVD, CD and/or cassette tape by July 31, 2000 for consideration for one of the slots available as co-host, music, dance, or comedy entertainment to me: Deirdre Sanders, DS Productions, 505 Loumena Ln., San Jose, CA 95111. Ph: (408) 225-4406, Fax: (408) 362-1064,e-mail: 
The Oakland Stroke

We are planning an annual Oakland Schools “Celebration” and are in the process of conducting a fact finding survey to determine it’s broad based thrust, need, appeal, and viability. With this event we want to accentuate the positives of an Oakland education, the diversity, and the many successes of it’s students, teachers, administrators, and programs. At this event we will award, reward and honor Oakland students and celebrities for their many achievements and serve as a fundraiser for scholarships and special programs in Oakland. This while providing a platform to advocate youth issues, and provide access to much needed agency outreach programs to youth to give them solutions to their concerns of unemployment and job training ( a job fair), educational opportunities and counseling (college recruitment), voter registration, teen pregnancy and suicide prevention, drug abuse, health screening for HIV, Sickle cell, Asthma, Diabetes, marrow and blood donors among others. 
  The event will bring together the brightest young minds in the District to be honored at this music concert and multi-cultural extravaganza including a film festival, art exhibit, dance, theater, poetry slam, comedy, and sports competitionsin a celebration of the greatness that is Oakland’s. The music, entertainment and celebrity choices for the show is limitless in world class talent and recognized names from Tom Hanks to Hammer;… Tony,Toni, Tone to Tony Bennett,…Santana to Tower of Power,…Mark Curry to Confunction. The Event will showcase Oakland nationally and could be the impetus for an ongoing Image Campaign for the City of Oakland and the Unified School District. 
  The landscape for television, radio, transit, outdoor, and print media; corporate and commercial sponsorships; advertising, marketing, promotional opportunities and exposure are even more incredible!!! 
  We have had preliminary discussions with potential corporate sponsors for airline, hotel, sound and lights, local 107 laborers Union, television, radio, outdoor and transit advertising media, movie theater, and many entertainers where the response has been fantastic!!! 
  We would like to first ask if you like the proposed event and if so to enlist your support to this effort by asking you to nominate your choices for the event in the areas of music (recording artist), entertainers and celebrities, film projects (actors and producers/directors), artist, dance(producers/directors), theater (stage plays and producers/directors), comedy and sports. Your very valuable response provides important data that could determine the breath, depth and cost of the event that we give to you to help our children. 
  Thank you for your precious time and treasured response. 
Talent Outreach

  SUPERSTAR MANAGEMENT; as a 28 year Sports, Music, and Entertainment Management and Marketing firm, we are always in a position of discovering, and placing great talent with the powerful professional sports franchises in basketball, baseball, football, boxing, track & field, soccer, tennis, extreme sports; television and radio broadcasting; major record companies for labels, artist, writers, and producers; motion picture projects; commercial ads, corporate sponsorships, and product endorsements; comedy producers; theater stage companies; major world concert tours; outdoor festivals, fairs and Theme Parks; jazz, cultural and film festivals; night clubs; art exhibits; music and book publishing companies; and sports events all around the world. 
  We are providing an opportunity for that much needed talent to be seen, heard, and served with the exposure to our client base and list of foreign and domestic sports franchises; casting agents; TV and radio broadcasting companies; motion picture writers, directors and producers; record labels and distributors; talent buyers; concert promoters; night club owners; major concert venues; college concert buyers; touring and booking agents; outdoor festivals, fairs and Theme Parks; comedy concerts; art galleries; music and literary publishers; and corporate sponsors, advertisers, and marketers. 
  Send us your bio, picture, video tape, DVD, CD and/or cassette tape and we 
will evaluate it for a match with the required needs of one or all of the aforementioned. 
  For those that we strongly feel has true potential for greatness, we will include them in the Artist Roster listing in the leading trade publications. These Registries tracks over 10,000 artists and is available to all agencys, talent buyers, record companies, industry execs, promoters, and managers. Send it, you can only be successful!!!

Again, Thank you all for your overwhelming response. 


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