ESPN’s Keith Olbermann Knocks Gay Jason Collins STRAIGHT!

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann Knocks Gay Jason Collins STRAIGHT!

Keith pays tribute to the first openly gay player in one of the four major sports. And it’s not Jason Collins. On “Olbermann”, Keith talked about Glenn Burke, the LA Dodger who was the first openly gay athlete in major sports over 30 years before Jason Collins, and he hits a sweet spot. It’s personal, rational and ends with a shocking twist.
Glenn Burke, the Real First Openly Gay Athlete in Professional Sports
Glenn Keith
“If I can make friends honestly, it may be a step toward gays and straight people understanding each other. Maybe they’ll say, ‘He’s all right, there’s got to be a few more all right.’ Maybe it will begin to make it easier for other young gays to go into sports.” Glenn Burke
Those are the words of Major League Baseball’s first openly gay player. While the national media covers Jason Collins‘ first minutes on the court as an openly gay professional basketball player and the NFL network constantly breaks down rookie Michael Sam‘s combine stats, we forget about the ORIGINAL sports pioneer.
Glenn Burke played 225 games in the majors as a Dodger and as a member of the Athletics, with 523 at-bats, a .237 average, two home runs, 38 RBIs and 35 stolen bases. While those numbers remain far from stellar, he contributed as a spirited member of the locker room, well liked by his teammates.
Dusty Hi 5 Glenn aft HRMajor League Baseball didn’t either know how to deal with his sexual orientation or chose not to. The media wouldn’t touch the story until years after he left the game. Glenn Burke was a trailblazer who arrived on the scene long before our culture knew how to embrace him.
Over the next few weeks, forgive me if I seem apathetic towards media reports about the progress of Mr. Sam or Mr. Collins in their Collins Big Herorespective sports. We live in 2014. A player’s sexual orientation shouldn’t have any bearing on how well they throw a ball or how much weight they can lift. While they may have overcome hardships in their quest to seek a career in professional sports while maintaining their authenticity as a person, it pales in comparison to Burke’s journey more than 35 years ago. Most of us have come a long way since then, although you wouldn’t know it by the actions of a few knuckle-draggers.
I would write more about it, but wordsmith and sports personality Keith Olbermann eloquently sums it up better in 5 minutes than most professional journalists could with an entire novel.
The next time you read or hear a story about a gay athlete, remember outfielder Glenn Burke.
If you have any interest in learning more about his journey, check out his story from the 1982 issue of Inside Sports chronicling Burke’s time as a professional baseball player. Heartbreaking, courageous, inspiring and tragic… all words to describe the tale of professional sports’ first openly gay athlete.
Watch “Olbermann” weeknights on ESPN2 at 11pm ET

Marshawn Lynch’s Quiet Power Behind Seahawks’ Super Run

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Also, the Special show on baseball great Lyman Bostock is airing tonight, Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 10:00 pm EST/7pm PDT on the Major League Baseball (MLB) network.


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“Coaching For Performance”

The Enlightened Coach
– Coaching For Performance – Learn The Essential Coaching Skills

“When our players help those in our community, they feel the reward that comes with community service. This initiative encourages positive behavior. It will have a profound impact on those who interact with our student-athletes.”
-Hodari McGavock, Founder of NO BOOKS, NO BALL Cares
NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB) Introduction
NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB) Private Coaching
Sports and Social Media Infographic
NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB) Academic Services
NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp STEM Educational Model
About Coach Mac 
NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB) is a non-profit community outreach program devoted to charitable, social services, athletic, educational, scientific, literary and educational purposes to foster national and international amateur sports competition, the administration, supervision, coordination or implementation of a sports, recreation or community services program for an individual, group, association, organization, municipality, county agency, recreation district, community Federation, incorporated association, school, university, college, school district, a branch or service area of the armed forces, or not for profit youth serving agency, or any agency that is the provider of educational and/or recreational sports services in the world, to plan, teach, promote, fund, administer and/or operation of supplemental physical, academic, and personal development and revitalization programs to enrich the curriculum of basic education offered to students at academic institutions resulting in expanded employment, economic prosperity, and business opportunities, to develop the game of Basketball in the United States and abroad, and to conduct fundraising activities for the support of such programs and to provide such charitable services that are associated with such purpose as allowed by law.NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB), the top basketball talent development company in the nation, continues to advance its mission of working with the youth from our communities that are in need of a positive environment and guidance for their future. Through basketball development training and strategies, we teach players from elementary to professional level to develop their social and life skills. The lessons they learn, allow them to excel in life and give back to their community.
Through our programs, we have seen lives change for the better both on and off the court. The philosophy of NO BOOKS, NO BALL focuses on the principles of community outreach, work ethic, dedication, healthy nutrition, exercise, and academic success. Our organization strives to teach the youth about perseverance, motivation, team work, self-determination and overcoming adversity. The goal of NO BOOKS, NO BALL is to continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth and in our society.
NO BOOKS, NO BALL provide the best Professional coaching and offer an opportunity for you to get your game to the next level. Whether it is preparing for summer league, pro training camp or for an upcoming season, professional players can expect a customized program that’s proven to develop talent.
All of our coaches provide a similar philosophy towards the private training concept. In fact, here at NO BOOKS, NO BALL we highly recommend that student athletes experience all of our coaches because with each coach, you will learn more and more little things that will enhance your performance on the court.
Please note – during the private training sessions, the coaches provide a lot of valuable knowledge that the student athlete will receive by coming to the private training session. NO BOOKS, NO BALL coach management team truly believes that doing private training will elevate your performance on the court, but it takes time to really reach the student athletes fullest potential. This falls in line with our NBNB player development philosophy.  NBNB provides the best instructors in the Nation.NO BOOKS, NO BALL’s goal is to:
• to foster national and international amateur sports competition,
• the administration, supervision, coordination or implementation of a sports, recreation or community services program for an individual, group, association, organization, municipality, county agency, recreation district, community Federation, incorporated association, school, university, college, school district, a branch or service area of the armed forces, or not for profit youth serving agency, any agency that is the provider of educational and/or recreational sports services in the world,
• to plan, teach, promote, fund, administer and/or operation of supplemental physical, academic, and personal development and revitalization programs to enrich the curriculum of basic education offered to students at academic institutions resulting in expanded employment, economic prosperity, and business opportunities,
• to develop the game of Basketball in the United States and abroad,
• assist organizations throughout the world in setting up Sports Camps as support groups,
• provide charitable assistance to those in need helping the hurting, poor, and needy to restore and empower themselves to make their dreams a reality,
• provide structured housing and supportive services at Sports Camps for young people in the process of overcoming life’s problems and those reintegrating back into society from homelessness and incarceration.
Funding support is open to the public at large, who believe in our mission and who donate freewill
contributions. Donors may be individuals, churches, ministries, businesses, communities and other public and private entities.
Hello All,NO BOOKS, NO BALL is offering it’s Private Coaches Lesson schedule for your registration. Our availability is now offering more times with more coaches because of the outstanding demand!

To learn more about private lessons or to book a private lesson please call us at 510-394-4575 or email, ,

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the email address listed above or you may call us at 510-394-4575.

Thanks and have a great day!

Coach Mac

Donate to NO BOOKS, NO BALL here 

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Private and Semi-Private sessions include:Personalized skill development
Position specific fundamentals
Position specific fundamentals
Speed & agility training
Written player evaluations and progress analysis
Home work-out agenda
Skill development will be optimized to work on player’s individual needs:
Shooting Technique
Ball-handling / dribbling
Footwork & balance techniques
Individual & team defense
Best Private Training.
NO BOOKS, NO BALL Year-Round Training
If you are serious about making the team
Prepare for upcoming season
* Lay foundation for School/Town Travel season
* Improve performance from prior year
* Set a goal to reach a new level
Key Focus
* Basketball Fundamentals
* Conditioning: Both physical and mental
Equip student athletes with the tools to get on track for their upcoming season — for whatever team they are preparing for.
Maintaining your basketball fundamentals
* In-season skill training and conditioning helps a player gain an edge during the season
* Facilitates raising a player’s game to reach personal bests
Best opportunity to maintain conditioning and improve fundamentals
* Players who do year-round basketball training gain the most competitive edge on the court
* NBNB offers the training tools to get better and increase confidence
* Underpins the Spring tournament season — maintaining conditioning and fundamental skills
* Serves as a complementary work-out for multi-sport athletes

The time to focus on raising your game to the next level
* Opportune time to focus on basketball motor-skill development.
* Sufficient repetition is the key ingredient towards mastering basketball skill level.For all those that are looking to workout please contact , or  510-394-4575, with any additional questions.
Sports and Social Media InfographicIt was Inevitable
Since we are at the cutting edge of everything related to sports recruiting we’ve already covered how Facebook is changing college recruiting. Please review this for some tips and rules high school and college athletes should consider. Now we feel it’s time for an update.All Access for Coaches
This Sports and Social Media infographic really breaks it down for you. For instance, how can a college coach resist incorporating social media into his recruiting strategy when 69% of sports fans–potential recruits–will check their Facebook or Twitter during meals? And you know where else they’ll check? 58% will check while they’re in the bathroom, 74% at a party, and 9% will even look at social media in church.
If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes with a teenager you know that Facebook is a force in their lives. But did you know that 81% of sports fans go to the internet for their breaking news? Or that people are 10 times as likely to check Twitter or Facebook for news as they are sports radio?Social Media is Changing Recruiting
There is little doubt that social media is changing recruiting. Coaches learned this–some of them late and against their will–and never looked back. The issue for teenagers being recruited to play sports in college is that lasting negative impact on their lives.Learn From the Yuri Wright Case
One well-publicized case is that of Yuri Wright, one of the nation’s top cornerbacks coming out of New Jersey’s Don Bosco Prep. Yuri made some ill-advised comments on Twitter and it ended up costing him his scholarship to Michigan. The University of Colorado is taking a chance on Wright and, to his credit, he says he’s learned a valuable lesson.Use Social Media as an Asset
As the IG illustrates people, including high school athletes, are increasingly getting their news and interacting through social media. The real question for athletes is will you use this as an asset or will it become something that will cost you your scholarship?
Yuri Wright got a second chance because he was a nationally ranked player. You may not be so lucky so be careful.
No Books, No Ball Academic Services*Monitor the academic progress of student-athletes on a regular basis
*Maintain a specialized tutoring staff available to student-athletes
*Maintain a feedback system throughout the semester requesting professors to provide information concerning academic progress of student-athletes
*Provide supervised study environment where student-athletes may meet tutors, work in small groups, and study in a quiet atmosphere
*Coordinate various educational workshops throughout the semesterInformation Services
*Disseminate information on all aspects of No Books, No Ball and give referral assistance when deemed necessary
*Inform student-athletes of academic progress each semester
*Refer student-athletes to the appropriate source for graduation statusCounseling Services
*Plan schedules each semester with the student-athlete to ensure compliance with the Oakland Athletic League Rules and Oakland School District Regulations
*Provide assistance in choice of major and career counseling
*Counsel individuals concerning problems of a personal or academic natureDevelopmental Services
*Support in making a smooth transition to life as a student-athlete
*   *Making the transition from high school to university academics
*   *Learning appropriate and effective advocacy skills
*   *Developing strategies for balanced growth and development
*Support in learning skills and strategies necessary for success in the college classroom
*   *Private consultation with the Learning Specialist
*   *Informal reading and study skills assessment
*   *Communication and coordination with Academic Department Advisers
*Support in making the most effective use of tutors
*   *Developing effective strategies for use of content area tutoring
*   *Communication with tutors to monitor progress and to consistently support skill and strategy development
Other Services
*Serve as the liaison with the Dean of Students for issues regarding academic and other misconduct
*Provide counseling for any issue regarding transition to high school and college life, academics, and athletically related issues
*Serve as liaison with Social Services Programs

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp STEM Educational ModelOur educational model is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based program that incorporates Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Problem Solving, and Transitional Readiness in the curriculum.  This program will expose the students to cutting edge information and procedures as well as improve on their fundamental academic skills.  We are very excited about this forward thinking program and believe that it will begin to prepare the students for the ever changing educational and career environment.
Each class we be led by a qualified instructor and also feature an instructor’s aide for added hands on support.
Utilize the versatile and unique qualities of NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp we offer the opportunity for players to attend training and get ahead with advanced high school classes, SAT and ACT Prep classes, ESL classes or TOEFL Prep classes.
The comprehensive schedule allows a player to experience what being an Academy program student-athlete is like by completing coursework and a rigorous Basketball training curriculum within the basketball program.  It is designed for players who need to accomplish necessary tasks for school, while also wanting to have fun and improve their game.  The weekday schedule includes basketball training and class work in the afternoon. Class include:
Algebra I,  Geometry,  Math Models,  Algebra 3,  Pre-Cal,  Biology,  Calculus,  Statistics,  US History,  Social Studies,  Government,  Economics,  World Geography,  Spanish,  French,  Art,  Physics,  Journalism,  Chemistry,  Dance,  English,  Computers,  P.E.,  Multi MediaSAT/ACT College Prep
College admission is more competitive than ever before. Just as you wouldn’t enter a competition without practicing, you shouldn’t take the SAT or ACT without knowing exactly what you’ll encounter on the test. With a half day of Basketball and a half day of SAT preparation, you’ll be ready to achieve a better score and improve your chances of gaining entrance to your college of choice.
The SAT/College Prep class is taught for four hours per day in small class sizes. It covers all the SAT/ACT topics including Algebra, Geometry, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Rhetorical Writing, Current Events and Writing and Style.Basketball Camp with English Options
NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp offers two options for our international participants who wish to improve their English and their sport at the same time.
Academic English/TOEFL Prep Sport Camp:  For participants age 15-19 who wish to prepare for an exam in their home country or for entrance into an American university.   After a half-day of sports exercises and drills,  participants will study reading/writing, academic test preparation and practice,  sample TOEFL exams,  and develop their advanced English skills.
English as a Second Language Sport Camp:  For participants 8 – 19, a half-day of sport drills and a half-day of fun English activities focusing on vocabulary development.   Fun interactive activities are combined with field trips and weekly vocabulary/grammar  units on topics of general interest such as sports and recreation, food , health, the environment and travel.
These programs are designed for visitors to the United States and no I-20s are issued for these programs.

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Cares is a non-profit community outreach program dedicated to serving our community. It is founded on the principals of teamwork, not only on the basketball court, but also in our community. Athletes learn more is achieved, the task made easier, when individuals come together to form a collective unit. The experience has a greater influence on all members, both receiving and giving.
In these difficult times, it is necessary for us to extend a hand, and use the talents and gifts that we have, to improve the life of others in our community. NO BOOKS, NO BALL Cares promotes the giving of time, money and tangible goods. Volunteering at organizations that need the help of physical hands is encouraged.
The hope of NO BOOKS, NO BALL Cares is to not only help others, but for our players to understand these core principles of respect, teamwork, and community involvement. Adopting these values can improve the lives of our student-athletes on the basketball court. However, perhaps even more importantly, they can be transferred into the classroom, and in everyday scenarios that call for strong, confident behavior.
“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
-The Reverend Martin Luther King JRThis statement is essentially the mission of NO BOOKS, NO BALL Cares.
“When our players help those in our community, they feel the reward that comes with community service. This initiative encourages positive behavior. It will have a profound impact on those who interact with our student-athletes.”
-Hodari McGavock, Founder of NO BOOKS, NO BALLNO BOOKS, NO BALL Supplemental & Emergency Food Distribution
We began our supplemental and emergency food distribution program in the Fall of 2004 with the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation. Boxes of Food is designed to serve the needy in Oakland, California and surrounding communities.
We provide a 3-7 day box of food (dry goods, can food, bread, etc.) to low income and homeless individuals and families (herein referred to as clients) on a bi-weekly basis as well as emergency boxes of food on an as needed basis. As time progresses we will distribute food on a weekly basis as well as have other food pantries in Oakland, California to do so.
In addition to the initial monthly supplemental food box, Boxes of HOPE will have two special Holiday distributions:Thanksgiving Food Boxes – Each year, Boxes of HOPE, will distribute a box of food containing everything needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, including a turkey, for a family of four to those registered and receiving monthly supplemental food boxes. Thanksgiving boxes will be distributed the week before Thanksgiving.
Christmas Food Boxes – Each year, Boxes of HOPE, will distribute a box of food containing everything needed to prepare a Christmas Day meal, including a ham, for a family of four to those registered and receiving monthly supplemental food boxes. Christmas boxes will be distributed the week before Christmas.
Clients who come to Boxes of HOPE do not have to meet income guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and live within our service boundaries. Anyone receiving any type of state or governmental assistance (such as SNAP, WIC, Social Security Income (SSI), or SSI disability) and do not have to present a legal photo ID (state ID or driver’s license), proof of residency (state ID, driver’s license or utility bill), and proof of income or state assistance (such as SNAP, WIC, Social Security Income (SSI), or SSI disability). No one is turned away, will receive a food box as long as supplies are available, and a referral to a food pantry in their area. Clients are provided all the services we offer regardless of race, sex, color, creed, sexual preference or any other non-qualifying designation.
The funding for this program will come from donations from local food stores as well as free-will public donations of food and cash. Our Program Director and volunteers will oversee the operation of this program. This program is offered with the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation.

Gifts of HOPE – Christmas Gifts for Families in Need – We expect to begin our Christmas gift distribution for families in need called Gifts of HOPE, Christmas of 2013. Each year the organization will adopt one or more families in need to provide Christmas gifts to the children and parent(s) who would not otherwise be able to provide Christmas gifts to their family. Volunteers will purchase, wrap and deliver gifts to parent(s) for their children – not only delivering the message of hope to a parent that fears not being able to provide for their children, but also the message of love from parent to child, and the true meaning of Christmas. Each member of the family will receive clothes, shoes, toys, and food for the family, including adults and children living in the household.
Clients of this program will be chosen from those families currently receiving some type of assistance from Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation or by referral from other organizations. To qualify, the household income of the clients of the program must fall in the income guidelines set by the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines published in the Federal Registry.
The funding for this program will come from public donations in the form of free-will cash and gift donations as well as the ability to sponsor a family. Individuals, families, or groups may call the organization to sponsor a family. Donators will be asked to provide at least one wrapped gift for each family member. The organization will supplement with purchased gifts as needed. Our Program Director and volunteers will oversee the operation of this program. This program will take approximately 2% of our resources.

About Coach Mac

   Hodari McGavock has served as an educator for students from middle and high school through community college in both the Oakland Unified School District and the Peralta Community College District for 38 years. He has worked with this wide range of students in the capacities of teacher, counselor and basketball coach.Born and reared in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hodari McGavock, fondly referred to as “Coach Mac” is a product of the Indianapolis Public School District from elementary through high school and is a proud graduate of Crispus Attucks High, where he was an outstanding student and basketball player. He earned a full basketball scholarship to and graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1966. He earned a Masters Degrees from both Eastern Michigan University, Yipailanti, Michigan in 1968 and California State University, Hayward with a Life Pupil Personnel Services Credential as well from California State University, Hayward.The incredible career achievements of Coach Mac as a Men’s Varsity Basketball coach in the Oakland Unified School District at Oakland Technical High School for 25 years and now at major cross-town rival Castlemont High are legendary, highlighted by many noteworthy achievements, only a few follows:*** In 2012 Inducted into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame
*** In 2011 Honored as State of California Coach of the Year
*** 2010 – Oakland Athletic League Championship
*** Selected as 2008-09 California Inter-Scholastic Federation Model Coach Award winner. A model coach demonstrates and teaches the six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the “Six Pillars of Character”). The CIF believes that the highest potential of sports is achieved when teachers/coaches consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model (T.E.A.M.) these values and are committed to the ideal of Pursuing Victory with Honor.
*** Honored as Oakland Tribune Newspaper “2002 Coach of The Year”,
*** Nominated for California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Hall of Fame,
*** He coached for 25 years at Oakland Tech High School until June 2005 moving over to rival Castlemont High School in 2007 after a two year hiatus,
*** First full-time Oakland Public School Counselor to become a full time Oakland Athletic League coach,
*** Won two Northern California State Championships consecutively from 2002-3,
*** Qualified for numerous Northern California State Championships Playoffs,
*** He has won eight Oakland Athletic League Championships,
*** First Basketball coach to ever win four consecutive Oakland Athletic League Championships from 1999-2003,
*** Won over 550 High School basketball games and is a sure “Hall of Fame” inductee upon final retirement,
*** In 1980 he founded of the “No Books, No Ball” Academic Achievement Program for Student-Athletes to aid them in their quest for academic excellence and to facilitate their enrollment into institution of higher learning,
*** Has sent hundreds of student-athletes to colleges all around the country and the world professionally including the NBA,
*** In July 2010 he took Castlemont High School’s Varsity Basketball team to Heidelberg, Germany for an 11-day trip to play four games against club teams where they will stay with German families during the trip that includes visiting and participating in a German school while there.
*** Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Merritt Junior College, Oakland, California
*** Has mentored several very successful Men’s High School Varsity Head Basketball Coaches,
*** Has trained many professional basketball players including National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Stars, NBA Scoring Champs, and NBA World Champions.
*** Camp Counselor for University of Sports “Super Star Basketball Camp” for elite Boys and Girls athletes since 1995
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the email address listed here or you may call us at: , 510-394-4575

Coach Mac

7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA  94605-3032
Phone  (510) 394-4101
 Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation 
“He who Harms a Life, it is as if he has Harmed ALL Mankind, and He who has saved a Life, it is as if he has Saved ALL Mankind!” Who will you save?

We Need Mac Pro Tower, or MacBook Pro, and 3- iPads
We mounting an “Equipment Donation Drive” to obtain donations of a Mac Pro Tower (Quad-Core), 3.2GHz; 2-12 GB DDR2 SDRAM, an Apple MacBook Pro 17″ – Quad Core i7, 2.2 GHz,  an Apple MacBook Pro – 15.4″ – Core i7, 2.6 GHz, or a Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ – Dual Core i5,  2.4 GHz – MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion for a group that serves under privileged, disadvantaged and disabled persons. We are also interested in three iPads for children with Autism. Your donation is taxdeductible to the full extent allowable under the law. We will accept any monetary donations toward this end for the purchase of the equipment.

Sista’s Charity Group Need Two Cargo Vans

The Sista’s Charity group is interested in obtaining two cargo vans or passenger vans with removable seats, an SUV with removable seats or large pick up truck with a camper shell for pickup and delivery of FREE food, clothing and supplies to the communities that they serve of under privileged, disadvantaged and disabled persons. Can you help them, insha’Allah? Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. You donate via Paypal withemail address to Sis. Nanita Strong, N. Strong Harmony, (510) 394-5701, . Again, they will accept any monetary donations toward this end for the purchase of the vehicles.
The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Food Program (AMWF) has helped the less fortunate for over 55 years continuously and are now serving over 30,000 per month from 19 Northern California locations!
You can listen to or download Part 1 of 2 Interviews of Abdul-Jalil on AmericanMuslim360 (AM360) by Niamat Shaheed. 

Part 2 of 2 Interviews of Abdul-Jalil, Nanita Strong and Imam Wali Mohammed on AmericanMuslim360 (AM360) by Niamat Shaheed. 
After witnessing my mother and father give freely to others since I was a child from the 1950’s until their death, charity struck a cord with me. I often thought, “how and in what way I could contribute anything close to the enormous good they had done so often for so many?”. My parents purchased land and built a church for their personal pastor and to accompany that, they also built him and his family a home as well.     As I grew and matured, became more knowledgeable, sophisticated, and worldly, and as my faith and religious acumen blossomed, I realized the prodigious importance of building a house of worship and the infinite blessings that flow from such an achievement. I had to find a way to fulfill that potential within me as my parents had set the bar very, very high!

I knew that I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel as there was an incredible model  for success that I could really make a difference and give back to my community by continuing the programs that my parents had forged when I was a child! So the A MWF began with the support of friends, neighbors, acquaintances, religious leaders, community members, and businesses dedicated to helping others.     The  Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation  (A&MWF) is a non-denominational, multi-cultural,100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.

Providing The Necessities For Success In Life
A&MWF, a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, has created a 100% volunteer self-operated, self-supported, self financed model defined by developing the marketplace of a network that features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses.     A&MWF is pioneering a new trend, as government and community funds grapple with the recession and the challenges of raising funds, WE have forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a “dynamic virtual clearinghouses or town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.     Every month thousands of San Francisco/ Oakland Bay Area residents rely on the AMWF Community Food Program for nutritious food and social service resources. As a local entity providing free food to those in need, we are seeing a significant increase in the percentage of children we serves, as county food banks see a spike in pleas for help. “51 percent of individuals served … are infants, children and teenagers. In the past, the percentage of people under 18 was 40 percent.”     The change is attributed to an increase in the number of families seeking emergency food aid. “Traditionally we’ve seen more demand for services from the western end of the city, but we are seeing an increase in need in the central part, and we even have people from the Hills and the affluent parts of town”.

The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Community Food Programs (AMWF), a multi-ethnic, multi-issue community-based organization, continues to carry out its mission of a society in which all persons flourish as it provides and refers comprehensive services — in collaboration with other hunger, health care, housing, violence, abuse, counseling, senior, youth, women, children, civil rights, employment, and education response agencies — to thousands of men, women and children living in San Francisco/ Oakland Bay Area in California to help transform the lives of people in need.     AMWF extends these various services and programs to the economically, mentally, and physically challenged; the poor and homeless; the undereducated and undeserved; people living with symptomatic HIV and AIDS; substance abuse; seniors 55 years and older; prenatal women; at risk youth; and homebound people living with serious illness.  
Our members, and the people we serve are of different race, faith, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation and income levels. AMWF by providing direct services, including providing nutritious food; edvocating for and participating in many relevant social service programs that promote the self-sufficiency of people in need; educating the general public about these issues, their causes and this partial solution while inspiring a consummate social conscience and honoring the dignity of every person. As part of that principal mission, AMWF works for basic economic survival security for all and the elimination of poverty by providing these services thus effecting societal and governmental policies that regulate the less fortunate to the bottom of the economic, social, health, and opportunity pyramid, with full understanding that any policy which affects the poorest of us affects all of us.     By catering to everyone we have built many allies with statewide and national anti-hunger organizations to support legislation addressing low-income people’s food needs. In doing so, we help build power in our communities and win institutional changes on the issues that affect our lives as we provide fresh, hot, nutritious meals and bags of groceries with healthy meat, fish, breads, perishable and nonperishable food, such as canned vegetables and fruits, tuna fish, peanut butter, rice, dry beans and pasta, at a location near their home that are served to anyone without restriction.     A&MWF has made it easy and effortless for service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups to connect with those in NEED, as we have received more individuals needs profiles submitted on this site. The profiles include their contact information, information about their needs, desired solutions, pleas for their need satisfaction, and a listing of opportunities to achieve their solution. We also have profiles submitted of individuals as prospective donors or volunteers, include information about the causes that interest them.     We look forward to our being able to do business together helping those most in need while providing you with incredible branding opportunities with maximum media exposure for the greatest community relations benefit and increased business development. There is no better branding than to be perceived as a company that cares for the less fortunate, the working man, and the environment while presenting a quality product at a great price and being socially conscious. Your customer feels that they are contributing to your good efforts as if they are doing it themselves!     If you or someone that you know needs Quality of Life Aid, PLEASE fill out the form below so that we can determine the best way to assist them.    Anyone can register at  http://AMWFTRUST.ORG  by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.     WE are trying to end this travesty by helping and giving for their change of life circumstances! Can YOU help Us help THEM?  Make you tax deductible donation here!  Thank you,


” The Man Who Turn$ Hit$ Into Million$”

“How a Grieving Family Saved A Troubled City with A Martyr”

“How a Grieving Family Saved A Troubled City with A Martyr”

The year 2009 began with a tragedy at an Oakland BART station. Shortly after 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle shot and killed 22-year-old Oscar Grant II, of Hayward, on the platform of the Fruitvale station after responding to reports of a fight on a train.

“Make no mistake about it Oscar Grant was Murdered, Executed by a BART cop!” That was the echoing sentiment boiling up from among the justifiably angry, restless community of Oakland and the surrounding communities that spread world wide as video of Oscar Grants execution was blared over and over on television screens all around the world. It had become the quintessential poster for the ultimate example of Police misconduct and abuse- a lawless execution as the Black victim lay face-down on the ground, hands behind his back, shot, then handcuffed as he dies- all caught on cameras for the world to see!

Also caught on camera for the world to see was the public reaction to the execution that led to violent protests, as the public “showed their outrage” with the costly destruction of property to areas around town.

The gunman police officer was allowed to go free, traveled outside the state of California until he was charged with murder and appended in Nevada after National public protest forced the District Attorney to file criminal charges. His attorney has argued he meant to fire his Taser gun when he shot and killed Grant.

Fruitvale Station
In the early hours of Jan. 1, 2009, Oscar Grant III, unarmed and lying face down on a subway platform in Oakland, Calif., was shot in the back by a white Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer. The incident, captured on video by onlookers, incited protest, unrest and arguments similar to those that would swirl around the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida a few years later. The deaths of these and other African-American young men (Mr. Grant was 22) touch some of the rawest nerves in the body politic and raise thorny and apparently intractable issues of law and order, violence and race.

Fruitvale Station, Michael B. Jordan and Ariana Neal play father and daughter in this debut feature by Ryan Coogler, which opens on Friday in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Mr. Jordan plays Oscar Grant, who was killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer.
Those matters are hardly absent from “Fruitvale Station,” Ryan Coogler’s powerful and sensitive debut feature, which imaginatively reconstructs the last 24 or so hours of Oscar Grant’s life, flashing back from a horrifying snippet of actual cellphone video of the hectic moments before the shooting. But Mr. Coogler, a 27-year-old Bay Area native who went to film school at the University of Southern California, examines his subject with a steady, objective eye and tells his story in the key of wise heartbreak rather than blind rage. It is not that the movie is apolitical or disengaged from the painful, public implications of Mr. Grant’s fate. But everything it has to say about class, masculinity and the tricky relations among different kinds of people in a proudly diverse and liberal metropolis is embedded in details of character and place.

Before Jason Collins

Before Jason Collins
The world is throwing a parade for Jason Collins, the 7-foot free-agent NBA center who came out last month. He was hugged by Oprah, celebrated by “Good Morning America,” and congratulated by President Obama.

But nobody seems to remember baseball’s Glenn Burke, who tried to come out nearly 40 years ago and was stuffed back in.

“How’s Jason Collins going to talk about being the first?” says Burke’s agent, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim. “Glenn Burke was the first. And he wasn’t any free agent, either. He was in the lineup.”

Glenn Burke was a barrel-chested jokester, a singing, dancing, one-man cabaret. His teammates called him King Kong. In high school, the 6-foot Burke could dunk two basketballs at once, in street shoes. He roamed center field for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland A’s in the late 1970s.

Burke was the pulse of the clubhouse. He wore a red jock. He’d jump in the backs of pink Rolls-Royces after games. He invented the high-five (with Dusty Baker). Oh, yes, he did.

He was as out as an athlete could be in the mid-1970s. It wasn’t that he was flaunting it. It was that he couldn’t keep it in.

“When we’d land at airports,” remembers Davey Lopes, the Dodgers’ second baseman. “There’d always be guys waiting for Glenn. We’d go our way and he’d go off on his merry way. We’d go to clubs and women would hand him their numbers. But he’d never call ’em. Didn’t matter to us. We loved him.”

In the famous 1977 Dodgers-Yankees World Series — starring Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, Steve Garvey, and Ron Cey — only one rookie cracked either starting lineup: Glenn Burke.

“Nobody tripped that he was gay,” says Burke’s longtime pal, Doug Harris, who produced the documentary “Out” about Burke in 2010. “The people who tripped off it were the Dodgers [management]. They didn’t want to talk about it. He was trying to tell the reporters, but they said they couldn’t write that stuff.”

Free tix to DAVE CHAPPELLE, New Jazz Quartet, Sheila E, Jody Watley, George Clinton, and MORE at Yoshi’s

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Oakland Council Candidate Ignorantcio De Vil Fuente True Gang Boss Don

Oakland Council Candidate Ignorantcio De Vil Fuente True Gang Boss Don Coontoon
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