FREE Tix to LIL KIM at The Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko, SF

A Very Special Intimate Evening With Lil’ Kim In Concert! Monday, July 12, 2010 • 8pm
After making her presence known on Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s debut album, Conspiracy, Lil’ Kim launched a solo career in 1996 with the release of her first record, Hard Core. As the album’s title implies, Kim was a rarity among female rappers — one who not only concentrated on edgy hardcore rap but also explicit sexuality, two territories that had long been the province of male rappers.
Of course, Kim’s near-pornographic sexuality and hard-edged rhythms made her an anomaly within hip-hop, but Hard Core proved that she was no novelty, as it garnered positive reviews and strong sales. A native of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Lil’ Kim was raised by her parents until they split up when she was nine years old. Following their separation, she lived with her father, yet he threw her out of the house when she was a teenager. As a teen, she lived with her friends and, occasionally, on the streets. Eventually, she and her rhyming skills came to the attention of Biggie Smalls, who helped her cultivate her career. Smalls helped her become a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A., and Kim was a key part of the group’s hit debut single, “Player’s Anthem.” Kim also made a big impression on the remainder of Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s 1995 debut album, Conspiracy.

KPFA Aring Prospect Sierra 8th Grade Students PSA Promos

KPFA Aring Prospect Sierra 8th Grade Students PSA Promos

City Atty’s John Russo,Jayne Williams,Nat.BAR Pres,Annette Bening’s Brother Corruption Complaint and Gang Injunction

NOWTRUTH.ORG NEWS NOW! (510) 394-4701  EMAIL: Twitter: 7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA  94605-3024 Abdul-Jalil’s Profile Ziggs Profile of Abdul-Jalil Linked In Profile on Abdul-Jalil Abdul-Jalil on Twitter Abdul-Jalil on FaceBook AIM, Video Chat Screen Name: Skype Video Chat Screen Contact Name: Superstarmanagement Portrait of Abdul-Jalil by Artist Buford …
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Tribute Benefit for Khalil Shaheed; Free Tix Stanford Jazz Fest Yoshis; City Atty’s John Russo,Jayne Williams,Nat.BAR Pres,Annette Bening’s Brother Corruption Complaint and Gang Injunction

NEWS NOW! (510) 394-4701  EMAIL: Twitter: 7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA  94605-3024 Abdul-Jalil’s Profile Ziggs Profile of Abdul-Jalil Linked In Profile on Abdul-Jalil Abdul-Jalil on Twitter Abdul-Jalil on FaceBook AIM, Video Chat Screen Name: Skype Video Chat Screen Contact Name: Superstarmanagement Portrait of Abdul-Jalil by Artist Buford Delaney …
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Oakland Council Candidate Lousy Larry Greid & Police Victim Alan Blueford Coontoon, OPD gang Blue Meanies got’em!

Oakland Council Candidate Lousy Larry Greid & Police Victim Alan Blueford Coontoon, OPD gang Blue Meanies got’em
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A.’s office while sitting alone in the lobby waiting for a meeting,the Reid Gang, wants the injunction/curfews,they are law enforcement,real estate developers dream tools,for gentrifying the inner-city,administratively,taking land from the poor,an analyst,revealed,the North Oakland Gang Injunction HAS FAILED to reduce crime in any way,has enriched the police department with over $12 million,Oakland Police Department has FAILED to comply with the Federal Mandate to meet MINIMUM agreed upon standards to fight corruption,one of the presumed reasons for Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts resigning,One question being asked now,did Mayor Ron Dellums or City Attorney John Russo investigate,many alleged charges of abuse against former Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts before they hired him,was that a factor in his resigning,Watch video of al-Hakim,,exposed California, Alameda, County, Superior, Court, Corruption,, Gave Case File To Stephan Barber, Law Firm, Ropers Majeski,Court,al,Hakim,Nowtruth,Political Suicide,Must Resign,Judge Jon Tigar,appointment,judicial,post,Nepotism,Cronyism,voicemail,Deputy District Attorney Kevin Dunleavy,continued Corruption,Fraud,District, Attorney, Nancy, O’Malley,victim, al-Hakim,ordered al-Hakim,NEVER return,the courthouse,under the threat of arrest,D. A. 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Passing of Ali Woodson, Petition to President Obama, KPFA Thank You’s, Free Tix to Yoshi’s, BET LensOnTalent

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